Monday, April 14, 2014

A Journey to Sabah Day 2 : Diary of Best Man

It has been taking me forever to came out a blog post nowdays. But coming this few weeks my life back to square one. Either it for a long terms or temporary no one know. Anyway, I should continue my last post of my Sabah trip which also highlight the main purpose all of us were there. Check out my Day 1 trip at Sabah if you havent k? So yea, early in the morning all of us woke up and get ready for the big day.

* Hi call me Mr Peabody *

so OOTD of the day - some checker t shirt, strap, quater pant, white sock, Mr peabody & Shermen glass (thanks to Tony) and bow tie. Ok I know i sucks giving description for my OOTD :P

* Hsien Hooi, Wai Loon & Me *
* Arrival of the groom *
* Time to march to devil nest to save the princess! *

Frank has total 10 best men with him and out of three were us from SKJAP school. I know what you're thinking the moment you saw most of us dressed up that way - NERD. I was expecting to be the less nerd mana tau Hsien Hooi lagi not nerd than me since he don't have the pant strap.. piff Ok pics should do the work now.

* The evil bridesmaid *

This was my first time being best man actually. Well not that I always attend wedding anyway. But I know it is something unavoidable since everyone around my life are started to move on to next stage. Yea, more red bomb coming time to time :P Nevertheless, we have 4 stage of games to pass before able to open the door and meet the bride.

* Eww looks what on Yvonne hand *
* The amount of coffee easily worth a week *
* Wanna test our flexibility wor *
* Round one *
* Round two *
* Round three *
* Later we rebelled and rush to the upstair *
* Finally the prince save the princess *
* awwww *
* Victory is ours! *

First, we are force to eat the "shit" at the pampers, second to drink coffee (with amount of correspond with the item you select. For eg you choose a cup, hence the amount of your coffee powder is same with the cup size), do the pose that shown in the given pics and finally find the key in the bucket that contains ice by using leg. Of course, some havoc happened in between game two and three where we managed to march onwards, defeating the bridesmaid XD

* Yi Yen & Frank *
* Ready to depart to next destination *
* In the car *

Done with the tea ceremony at girl side family, is time to move on to the guy side. We felt so VVIP because polices escorting us the whole journey to Frank house. OMG feel so yeng! XD

* selfie with deary before depart to dinner night *

And so, done with all the morning ceremony, we headed back to our condo to rest and prepared for night dinner.





* We are expecting Wai Loon & Andrienne are the next couple to marry. Look how happy Frank is? *
* Too bad we never had chance to have a group photo with both Frank & Yiyen. Hence, back drop as replacement *

I think I repeated this alot time. I am really happy for Frank who finally set his foot to the new stage of life and having his own family. May you bless in happiness and ever after with Yi Yen. Jr Frank next year maybe?

* 17 years friendship with this guy and the number will keep going *

My journey at Sabah just ended and on day 3 we just spend our time lunch with Frank before we departed back to KL. It was short, but all of us had a great memories together. I am glad, I knew all this people in my life.

* Awesome bunch of travel companions *

More photos in my Facebook Page :)

TL;DR, then just watch the video LOL

Monday, April 07, 2014

Eldritch Horror

I always love board and cards game. I used to play alot board games when I was young and the most common one of course Monopoly and Chess. However, I knew the existent of board game in RPG style and I always wanted to play. Unfortunately, I dont have friends to play with. Is either the are being impatient or they just want something simple. Ryan invited me to his friends house back to 2 weeks ago to have a board game session, a game know as Eldritch Horror. If you play Arkham Horror, you'll know this game. After the very first session of the game on that night, I have determine to own my very first TRPG game! Together, I purchased a set of Eldritch Horror with Ryan.


Heard it was hard to get since stock a pretty limited. Fortunately, we managed to bought it at Meeple. So basically the game required players, or known as investigators to solve three mysteries in order to win the game and prevent The Ancient One to awaken. Don't worry it has nothing much in using the brain. Most of the time it will be about your way to managed the quest, team work and also luck. Yes luck since most of the quest (encounter) are resolve by throwing die.



I love the characters in this game. There are 12 selectable characters with difference state and skill. Just be sure to know your character well and make full used of their skill to help in the encounter. So far I played few times the game and my favourite will be Lily Chen as attacker and Norman Withers as supporter.


Of course, the Ancient One or the boss of the game have different difficulty. The guide book recommend beginner to start with Azathoth but actually I felt he is hard to beat too. So far play with this ancient three times and never win X)



In the same time I can't believe I am spending some amount of bucks on purchased cards sleeve, container and even a box to put my cards in. So yea, I wanna take good care of my cards so that it last long. Heard from an uncle in hobby shop told me that there are people actually purchase super expensive sleeve then purchase another cheaper sleeve to protect the expensive one. So yea, sleeveception it seem. Oh I bought extra dices too since four is not enough :P

I am still learning the game and getting familiar with it. So whoever wanna have a board game session with me, feel free to let me know :D preferable 4 and above players! I think board game is a very good way to bond with friends ;)

Sunday, April 06, 2014


Current life style had completely taken myself away from my blog. I am busy, tired and also lazy to do everything related to blogging. Of course, I am going event lesser and lesser. You'll see me rant more in my Dayre nowdays. By end of this week, my life style will back to square one again and I have to reorganize my lifestyle. Then hopefully by one month later, everything will settle and by that time, I knew what's my priority. Definitely not on blogging, but I will never give up. In addition, I will keep shooting ;)

* Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee as source of energy of the day *

So yea, today Sunday morning me, Ryan & Robin head down to Chow Kit market for some shutter therapy session. I borrowed my 45mm f1.8 to Jean to used in Korea, hence I am basically a little bit lens-less except with the 12mm f2 and also her 20mm f1.7 Luckily, Robin borrowed me his 25mm f1.8. A little bit reluctant to use the 25mm f1.8 at first since I am holding the 20mm f1.7 and I actually can use it. But once consideration on faster AF, lens correction and even sharper image with Olympus lens, I decided to use the 25mm f1.8





25mm is equivalent to 50mm in micro four third body and everyone been keep saying it is a classic focal lenght and a MUST HAVE LENS in every photographer bag. Well, I am neutral and flexible, hence I am not gonna argue about whether it is A MUST HAVE LENS or not. Personally, I enjoyed using my 45mm more for street instead of 25mm. Probably I am getting too used in composing tight frame using that lens while I also enjoying shooting in wider angle using my 12mm. 25mm was in my BUY list originally until I decided to drop the thought after test it for once with Robin during CNY shooting. I am considering and most probably saving money to buy something coming soon from Olympus next year, the 7-14mm f2.8 Though I actually wish for some awesome ultra wide angle prime lens such as 9mm or 7mm but I think the lens construction was the main restriction.





While I been went out with Robin for shooting for quite some times, I realize my composition are always the same. It is either close up or rule of third. I am not sure it is a good things but I am considering back to basic of composition and rethink again my composition. It is nothing right or wrong, it is just me who afraid of doing same thing over and over again and get bored of it. So yea, composition is one of the important element for me. I SHALL do something new in coming session.





It is almost 12am and I should head to bed. Been not enough sleep lately. Night my dear readers :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Imbi Market with 20mm


Fuah look at my pathetic amount of blog post starting this year! Guess I really slowly discard myself from my blog. Sorry bloggie T.T I tried but I failed. Guess my life now is full with work, Gunpla and Dayre. Dont worry, I will never abandon you even I will only post 1 post per month LOL.. So yea, last weekend I went to Imbi Market for some shooting. Guess it has been time since I went down to street by my own motivation instead of getting invited by Robin. I am regret too for unable to shoot some street market during my trip at Sabah last 2 weekend. Nevertheless, I am using Panasonic 20mm f1.7 on my camera that day courtesy of Jean. It has been time since I hold that lens and I just feel like trying it instead of using my usual 45mm.





I think 20mm still a very wonderful lens despite slow auto focus especially in low light mainly because the size and the weight. Oh note that I am using the old version of 20mm, not the new one with better construction. However I guess I am too fond on using my 45mm for street. Everything look wide in 20mm and I have to move closer. Not that I mind but my concious keep adjusting myself into 45mm focal length and in result whenever I lift up my camera, I have to move closer to my subject to compose my photo.





Din really manage shoot more on that day since I guess I am being selective again and nothing caught my eye. Perhaps I should change a new environment and location to shoot?



Shooting partner of they day, Ryan with his Sony NEX-5T paired up with ZEISS 35mm f1.8 Awesome lens!