Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prodigy KL - REDEFINE Official Grand Launch @ Jalan Kia Peng



Last Friday was the grand official launch of Prodigy KL that located at Jalan Kia Peng. Check out their Facebook Page for more info. Courtesy to Manoah, I am invited to the official launch together with friends. As usual, we will have the same "kaki" whenever we going to drinking event ;) Never get old hanging out with awesome people.

* I should never selfie with F2 anymore.. *
* Another one with Benjamin hand longer *
* From blogger to friend :) *
* With Kahmon & Carina *
* With Chutipond.. notice the camera in her hand? The display :P *

Here were the DJ Line up for that night :
♦ 2100 - 2200 : DJ EDZ
♦ 2200 - 2300 : MARC!
♦ 2300 - 0000 : THE PROJECT
♦ 0000 - 0130 : DJ DA QUEEN
♦ 0130 - 0300 : MR. FLUFF

Guess it was a night full of selfie instead of drinking :P Now I wish I could have 180 degree flip screen camera.

* Ah Pond and her friends *
* The usual kaki rave - Ken, Zhao, Ben & Alex *
* Setapakian! Reiko, Peiyue & Jason *

Awesome night and great to see alot familiar faces around. Without you guys, it wasn't a perfect night for me ;)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Photowalk with Olympus Malaysia @ Petaling Street

Last weekend I have a little morning exercise together with Olympus Malaysia which is known as Photowalk at around Petaling Street area. It was my first time joined shooting with Olympus (well don't count those usual street shooting with Robin, it is not official!). I think it was a great Photowalk session where we can share knowledge, inspired each other and most important, we are enjoying what we are doing and also the camera we holding.

* Breakfast before begin our shooting *

I invited Tian Chad along to joined the photowalk by lending him my Olympus OM-D E-M1. Then I managed to ask Robin lend him the Olympus 75mm f1.8 lens. There we go, I planted the poison and waiting it slowly spread into Tian Chad body.. Muahahahah *evil laugh* Thus, I used my old but still capable in delivering superb images, Olympus E-P3.

* Tian Chad is holding the best Olympus body and lens! *

So yea we started our walk from Central Market to a Chinese Temple called Guan Di. Been there for few times with Robin and that day I only know the temple name LOL

* Dramatic Tone *
* Carrying *
* Tian Chad in action *
* Insect *
* Spiral *
* Smoke *
* Fire *
* Folding *
* Son & Mother *
* Anna with her OM-D too *
* Sun flare *

Then we proceed to the Indian temple nearby which I dunno what's the name. Sorry I know I failed

* Black & White *
* Working *
* Reflection *
* Friendly uncle *
* Photogenic *

Next we continue walk towards to Petaling Street itself before ended our Photowalk session. My camera died half way though.. Piff too long never used my E-P3 and forgot to charge the battery.

* Resting *
* Reflection + Dramatic *
* Pin Hole on bike *
* Pure smile *

Overall great photowalk session with the gang! It is great to know few Olympus users who really enjoy and passion on their hobby. Hope able to join Olympus next event soon!

* Now I wonder how much Tian Chad been poisoned by my gear :P *

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Journey to Sabah Day 2 : Diary of Best Man

It has been taking me forever to came out a blog post nowdays. But coming this few weeks my life back to square one. Either it for a long terms or temporary no one know. Anyway, I should continue my last post of my Sabah trip which also highlight the main purpose all of us were there. Check out my Day 1 trip at Sabah if you havent k? So yea, early in the morning all of us woke up and get ready for the big day.

* Hi call me Mr Peabody *

so OOTD of the day - some checker t shirt, strap, quater pant, white sock, Mr peabody & Shermen glass (thanks to Tony) and bow tie. Ok I know i sucks giving description for my OOTD :P

* Hsien Hooi, Wai Loon & Me *
* Arrival of the groom *
* Time to march to devil nest to save the princess! *

Frank has total 10 best men with him and out of three were us from SKJAP school. I know what you're thinking the moment you saw most of us dressed up that way - NERD. I was expecting to be the less nerd mana tau Hsien Hooi lagi not nerd than me since he don't have the pant strap.. piff Ok pics should do the work now.

* The evil bridesmaid *

This was my first time being best man actually. Well not that I always attend wedding anyway. But I know it is something unavoidable since everyone around my life are started to move on to next stage. Yea, more red bomb coming time to time :P Nevertheless, we have 4 stage of games to pass before able to open the door and meet the bride.

* Eww looks what on Yvonne hand *
* The amount of coffee easily worth a week *
* Wanna test our flexibility wor *
* Round one *
* Round two *
* Round three *
* Later we rebelled and rush to the upstair *
* Finally the prince save the princess *
* awwww *
* Victory is ours! *

First, we are force to eat the "shit" at the pampers, second to drink coffee (with amount of correspond with the item you select. For eg you choose a cup, hence the amount of your coffee powder is same with the cup size), do the pose that shown in the given pics and finally find the key in the bucket that contains ice by using leg. Of course, some havoc happened in between game two and three where we managed to march onwards, defeating the bridesmaid XD

* Yi Yen & Frank *
* Ready to depart to next destination *
* In the car *

Done with the tea ceremony at girl side family, is time to move on to the guy side. We felt so VVIP because polices escorting us the whole journey to Frank house. OMG feel so yeng! XD

* selfie with deary before depart to dinner night *

And so, done with all the morning ceremony, we headed back to our condo to rest and prepared for night dinner.





* We are expecting Wai Loon & Andrienne are the next couple to marry. Look how happy Frank is? *
* Too bad we never had chance to have a group photo with both Frank & Yiyen. Hence, back drop as replacement *

I think I repeated this alot time. I am really happy for Frank who finally set his foot to the new stage of life and having his own family. May you bless in happiness and ever after with Yi Yen. Jr Frank next year maybe?

* 17 years friendship with this guy and the number will keep going *

My journey at Sabah just ended and on day 3 we just spend our time lunch with Frank before we departed back to KL. It was short, but all of us had a great memories together. I am glad, I knew all this people in my life.

* Awesome bunch of travel companions *

More photos in my Facebook Page :)

TL;DR, then just watch the video LOL