Thursday, November 20, 2014

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014 Diary

* 21KM finisher! *

Hola! I survived another marathon! This probably my first and last marathon for this year haha.. I am getting lazy and lazier to train.. well main reason was lazy, second is no one run with me. Decided to join Penang Bridge Marathon again once Ken said he is joining. We travel to Penang together again this year with addition of Kim Hong & Kok Jing. Ok la not so gay at least. This also marked my first time running 21KM in life!

As usual, when the marathon is at Penang, EAT first RUN later is our objective. We went on Friday evening so that we can has extra day to rest and also extra day to eat without rushing our ass! The first stop for our dinner on Friday was Duck Char Koey Teow at bukit mertajam! Super awesome CKT! Nothing beat this lorrrrrr!!

* Duck CKT RM5 *

I also managed to found a place that have awesome Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee)! Not sure the shop name but it is located nearby the duck CKT, behind the temple food court look alike. The soup is really something in KL couldn't find.

* Hokkien Mee RM3.50 *

Done our dinner on Friday night, we went to our hotel at Tune to called for the night. On next morning, I had Pasembur at the New World food court that located beside Tune Hotel. Not bad but I think I'll prefer the uncle rojak near my house anytime for the sauce.

* Pasembur RM10 *

Next, another CKT hunt! Went for sister CKt at Jalan Mecalista for the first time (I heard they had bad attitude hence I am avoiding this place). To be honest it is not the best CKT in Penang but it has good wok hei. Something in KL CKT seriously lacked of.

* Sister CKT RM6 *

Not to forget Uncle Goggle CKT again at Lorong Selamat. Waited 45 min for the CKT and as usual, I love the way it spicy! Also the Oyster Egg! Yum yum.

* Oyster Egg RM10 *
* Uncle Goggle CKT RM9 *

Wanted to go for second try on Uncle CKT at Siam Road (The one i had last year seriously lacking of wok hei) but we have been queue for more than 1.5 hours and the queue did not progress much. Since the time is getting near to dinner time, we decided to leave the queue and went to Tian Lai Restaurant instead for Dayumm Burger! Yes they have shifted to this food court instead (thanks god I checked their FB before go there). As usual, awesome pork burger and pork ball!! Kok Jing & Kim Hong who tried for first time also impressed the burger. Literally shouted Dayummmmmmmmmm!

* Thick sauce Chu Cheong Fun RM3.60 *
* Complete Dayumm RM10 *
* Dayumm Meatball RM10 (12 pieces) *

Annddd we are back to hotel again after heavy dinner and carbo loading. Have only about 4 hours to sleep before begin the run on 3am! Guess I am more matured now. Though my first time run 21KM, I did not rant! I did not ask why do I even join the run. Probably in my heart already died for the question and just DO IT spirit embedded in me. Though the result is not satisfying, but I am happy I managed complete the run! a big pat for myself :D



Done our run, we quickly run back to hotel to have quick nap before check out from hotel. After done checked out, we went for lunch around Penang and later on head back to KL. We tried 67 Coffee Mansion that located near Lorong Susu out of curious because we been seeing it too many time when pass by the road.



From some blog review, they served quite awesome pork dishes. Have no chance to tried because we ate Sister CKT again before coming here. Hence, we just had coffee & tea to chill around before back to KL. Ken ordered Carbonara with Bacon for sharing. Taste quite good! Probably I'll be here back again to try their pork when I am coming to Penang again.




Overall, fruitful journey at Penang. Leg was pretty pain on the day itself until Tuesday. Today feel much better except right foot. At least things better than I expected. 21KM! One of the achievement I should be proud in my life LOL


Random joke of the day : Carmen went to told her friend that I ran 21st position in Penang marathon *Facepalm*

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A day trip to Sekinchan


Finally I have finish editing all the pics and have time to sit down to blog about this trip (look at time.. Meh it is 1.12am now...) Nevertheless, had a day trip with friends last Sunday to Sekinchan! Finally I am back to the paddy field after few years where my first encounter with paddy field was at wrong season, those paddy are harvested. This time around we researched, make sure it is still on right season! With two hours driving from KL, we safely reach the paddy field on early morning and begin to shoot whatever we want. Oh before I forgot, Robin, Jason, Carmen, TianChad, Yi Wern, Jack and Racheal were the one with me on that day.

* Close up of paddy *
* Green paddy! *

* Reflection *
* Reflection 2*

* Selfie with Olympus E-PL 7 and 9mm f8 fish eye *

I have something in my mind when going for this trip. I wanna edit all photos. I wanna edit all photos using Lightroom. I wanna edit all photos using VSCO preset. Hence, all photos here are with preset, something I usually won't do because I am more like the type get result from what I see what I shoot. For the sake of testing processing flow with Lightroom (NOTE: I have no experience using LR) and my newly invested VSCO preset, I think I gonna risk it in this blog post XD Afterall I don't really have exact direction on what mood, preset nor color I wanna used. I just randomly click, look nice and applied. Of course, for landscape I got as vibrant as possible.



Done with paddy field, we went to Fisherman Village for a quick walk. Managed to did some shooting there though I actually expecting more than that.


* Topless *
* Working *
* Resting *
* A pair *
* Thinking *
* Stepping *
* Silhouette *
* Polishing *
* Reflection 3 *

Our last stop was Redang Beach. I wonder since when the beach was occupied with so many tourist and also stalls. Saw the giant tree that full of red strap of clothe on it. Let's call it wishing tree. Of course, I did donate some money to the temple and got myself the strap. Wrote the message I desire and managed to toss up to the tree after 3 tries LOL.. kinda failed









So which VSCO preset you like most? :P


It was a fun trip! Wish to have more this kind of travel opportunity with friends. Work hard, play hard, shoot hard! More photos in my Facebook Page!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Olympus E-PL 7 - Let's Selfie with Touch Screen


If you noticed, my recent post has greatly mentioned about "I shoot with Olympus E-PL 7". Yes, I shoot with Olympus. Not my O-MD E-M1, but E-PL 7! The latest PEN LITE series addition in Olympus family. Obviously I shot once back to last month and I did a mini review/user experience on it. This time, I am given the Olympus E-PL 7 by Olympus itself. Hence, I am grabbing the opportunity cover first two part of the camera, touch screen and selfie.


First thing first, here are the technical specification of Olympus E-PL 7

  • 16 megapixels
  • Four Thirds (17.3 x 13 mm) CMOS Sensor
  • TruePic VII image processor
  • ISO 200 - 25600
  • 3 Axis Image Stabilization
  • 81 Number of focus points
  • 3″ Tilting LCD screen with 1,037,000 Screen dots
  • 8.0 fps burst
  • 1920 x 1080 (30p), 1280 x 720 (30p), 640 x 480 (30 fps) video recording
  • Built-In Wi-Fi
  • BLS-50 lithium-ion battery
  • 115 x 67 x 38 mm
  • 357 g
  • Price : RRP RM2399 with M.ZUIKO 14-42mm EZ

On quick note, Olympus E-PL 7 is major upgrade from E-PL 5/6. It boost a better image processor, Wi-Fi and overall better selfie experience. It is like a double of OM-D E-M 10, in different physical design. Alright, I shall stop on technical stuff since all this information can be easily find on online review. This post will be mainly focused on Olympus E-PL 7 touch screen and also Selfie. Here a quick video of demo and explanation on Olympus E-PL 7 touch screen and also what I like when selfie using the camera.

Sorry if I used wrong alot words. I was too nervous :P

Touch Screen


It is no surprise touch screen is getting popular in camera world. Olympus might not be the first nor having the advance touch screen technology on their camera, but what's more important than reliability? In my case, I am pointing that Olympus E-PL 7 is very responsive and also reliable. You can easily swipe your photos around when viewing using touch screen just like your smart phone, or you can make full use of the touch capture/touch focus. For demo on that, please view the video above!

Here are same sample shot using touch capture from the video.





Personally, I seldom use touch capture despite it is convenience as I more prone on using viewfinder on my E-M 1 and adjusting the focus point using physical button. I would say it is nothing wrong! Just depend which is your shooting style since Olympus offer variety way for you to shoot. Perhaps, I shall really give it a try using touch capture on E-PL 7 more since it doesn't have viewfinder.



No surprise E-PL 7 are targeted for lifestyle consumer. It has been done before with the E-PL 5/6 but now it is better with E-PL 7! As I mentioned in the video above, I love three things in Olympus E-PL 7 when using it for Selfie.

  • Screen flip to bottom allow user to mount external flash without blocking the screen.
  • Virtual shutter button on screen that give you one second timer before capture.
  • When using Olympus 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ lens, the lens will automatically zoom out when the screen is flip.

Yes! Finally I can mount huge ass external flash on E-PL 7 while the screen is flip at the bottom for selfie! Heavy or not, that's another question. Some people might complain why the screen was flipped at the bottom instead top like most of the cameras out there. Personally, I felt eye look more natural looking at the camera screen when the screen was flipped at the bottom. Again, Olympus is providing more optional to shoot when selfie. You can either pick the physical shutter button, virtual shutter button or even the touch capture. It is all about choices and flexibility for the user. Unfortunately only Olympus 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ lens can zoom out when screen is flip down since it came with electronic zoom.

Here are some selfie photos taken recently at Yvonne wedding with Olympus E-PL 7 using 12mm f2 or the 9mm f8 body lens cap.





Overall, I am satisfy with Olympus E-PL 7 features and performances. Picture quality is no longer a question since I have confident, and I know how well the camera can perform. If you're curious, you may visit my Guinness Amplify and Yvonne Wedding blog post for the photos taken by E-PL 7.

Alright, I shall stop writting here. Fear not. this is just a portion of information I am sharing with you all regarding E-PL 7. I'll update more post in coming future as I go along and using the camera. Of course, you may come and ask me personally about the camera. I am more willing and happy to help.

Olympus E-PL 7 is now available in retail price of RM 2,399 and come with 3 colors - White, Black and Silver. Go for Silver if you like retro!