Thursday, June 26, 2008

Presentation : 3D Design

Today was a formal presentation for my Introduction to Design Principle 1 assignment, which is 3D Modal (If u guys refer t my previous post). Oh well, since it is formal,everyone required to wear FORMAL! Lol…what a dumb phrase I had made,hahaha… Me with my modal =D

So as usual, I picked my favorite shirt to wear in addition with my blue tie. Lol…then I went to campus as usual, be the 1st who entered class before everyone does XD

Before Presentation : So

Around 1005 hours, Pn Hanim entered the class and ask us be ready for the presentation. She asked us stick our drawings on the mirror. So I pick a nice spot for myself, the mirror just behind my seat,hahaha. I can see some of their modal was done pretty nice. Oh well, I knew I need to appreciated my own work and have confident on it. That’s what I did..haha..

Everyone busy pasting thier work

I am wrong..some seem like quite relaxing..

My Modal =)

Everybody drawing was on the mirror

Guess which is mine? haha

So they are two side mirror which is left and right in d class. Pn Hanim picked the left side to judge and Pn Nikki picked the left one. I should very grateful because if my judge was Pn Nikki, I’ll get slaughter by her (bcoz she a lot thing to complain one…)
Need an example how she complain? Here the best eg :

Why do you built the KLCC like corn shape?”

Because I like to eat corn! That’s y I use corn shape in my construction.”

Why do u like to eat corn

Because I like it la! It tastes nice!

What so nice?

Duh!!! feel like wanna punch her rite? haha...This will make me sick if she asks me tat XD….

After this guys is my turn to present!! ahhhhh~

So during my presentation, my mind was empty because I dunno what to present. Furthermore I nv prepare anything for it…But at last I manage to spoke out with very confidently and spontaneously. That’s make Pn Hanim impressed with my presentation =P… as a result I got A for “The depth of the content/underdstanding/application” element,muahahha…

There are four element will given marks on this presentation which are :

- The depth of the content/underdstanding/application…40%
- Creativity and originality of design…30%
- Workmanship and finesse of work…10%
- Shadow study…20%

My Shadow Study : Using Sunlight

My Shadow Study : Using Torchlight XD

So I am glad I got A for the toughness and most mark one…muahahaha

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Shadow Started Fade..

Finally!! After more than a month, i went out wif my dear today!! We plan to Time Square for movie (And this might be her last companied wif me before she left to melacca for further study - UTeM). So we made a appointment to meet at Time Square Imbi monorail entrance. But due to some accident (That stupid monorail temporarily shut down due to some activity), we meet at Chow Kit Station. After that she said wanna go by Metrobus. Guess no choice so we waited Metrobus at Chow Kit. While waiting, v saw some event on d whole road (I no idea what d thing was..hahaha). But i manage capture some "handsome" horse pic ^^
A marching band! Lalalala
See that black horse?? So Kawaiii!!!

After that we managed to get into bus and head to Time Square. After redeem d tics we went to have a look on d competition, SIR (Spell-It-Right). Wow, some words i reli no idea how to spell it,hahaha..After that v have a walk around Time Square to kill some time. Finally when d clock reach 1145 hours, v kick our butt to 3rd floor cinema for movie, Get Smart. Wooops! i give THUMB UP for this movie. Was very silly yet funny,hahaha..i am glad i din choose wrong movie =P..

After movie, we went to Sushi King for lunch. Next v went to BB Plaza to her aunt comp shop. She wanted to survey a laptop price for her use. Accidentally i got to know d price for my laptop as well,roughly RM4k!! Killing me ler..haha.. After that v have a walk at Sg Wang before v went back. During on d way back, I took out a present for her that i ready for very long time ago =). I hope she like it.

This is a box that i use to put present for my dear

OMG! WTF is tat?

It jump to my present box!!
See? A doggie with Alfro-Sytle hair =D
Second present for my dear. A necklace..What? Wanna see the pendant closely?
Here the pendant. A couple. I curently wearing d others 1 =D

Opss..tat doggie stole the necklace!

This box is for necklace

FInally finished wrap all d present =)
Me and my dear =)..she is smilling so happy
Us again =)

After i reached home,my mum told me UTM have sent me d notification letter. If u guys do reffer my post on LiveSpace, i manage to got IPTA (UTM) =). Eventhough i wun accept it (since i already make my move to UCSI), but i m glad i managed prove something for myself =).

"Get Smart" movie tics. Whats up wif d UCSI? haha

Letter from UTM =D

Well, i dunno my choice to continue pursuit my dream toward 3d animation is rite or wrong. No one can tell me or guarentee it, so i juz make it a bet! however i believe in myself tat i can do it since i already make two miracle happen in my life. I am glad she could be my dear. No one could ever replace u deep inside my heart. Beside, I manage to figure where i stood, thx for everything =)..

My dear is going Melacca next sun (29th June). It is painful to face it (eventhough Melacca near kl), but i have no choice. I'll b her supporter to guide her,i hope she could do better for her own future too =)..

Good luck dear, Muacksss! I alwiz love u so much =)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday class

If u guys got view my live space latest blog, my model have been approved by my lecturer to proceed to final phase. since she wanted to c d final model by today, this few days i was rushing to complete it. as result yesterday nite i slept around 0300 to complete my final model..Here is my slightly different than d testing 1 =)

Top View

Side View I

Side View II

Side View III

Side View IV

Base View

As a result of making this final model, 2 of my finger already sacrifice....

So today after Design Principle class, d next class was Film and Art Appreciation. OMG! HOLY SHIT! Today movie was totally a crap!!! Don't understand at all what it is about..and finally, this is the first time i had to surrender to a movie..i ter-slept during watching this bored movie. I not sure what the title either "Immortal Beethoven" or "Immortal Beloved"...

Inside the auditorium room. Seriously this room can gave cinema feeling =)

C the green light? haha

Malaysian Rain

I am facing a worst rain today while on d way to UCSI. I reach Tasik Selatan Station around 1300 and that time the rain started to rain heavy!! until my pant also wet! I miss the 1315 bus because it was full house. So i have no choice just to wait the next turn...

So the next bus came around 1355,i knew i'll late for class today but i have no choice!! When that bus reach North Wing, a bunch of human (UCSI Student) came out from the campus and surrounded the bus, wanted to went up. My impression on them " DAMNIT! Don't you all know how to line up? like a small kid who never sit bus before"..since i m standing near the door, i have to went down d bus to let the student in d bus to go down. So when the "store" was clear, those bunch of human cheers for happiness (or i should said mad cheering -,-).

They all run and fight for place in d bus. my impression on them that time "UNCIVILIZE HUMAN". While they going up d bus recklassly, one of them push me and i step on a girl foot. that girl scream for pain!! woah i so scare and straight away move away my foot and say sorry to her. After that i went up d bus and coincidenly i stand beside d girl who i step her foot just now. She was talking wif her frenz n i heard "That idiot guy step my foot until so pain"...OMG! i m so paiseh that time..i wonder she realise i was standing beside her onot, finally, i reach South Wing and late for d class, which was already 1415...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Assignment : 3d model

Finally i done 1 of my assignment, 3d!!wow i OT until 3am yesterday nite to complete this thing..well this is not original yet final model. just something like testing model..well,i dun expect this was a best model due to few reason which i dowan to mention it now. Well pls comment on my model ^^

dun ask me what is this model mean for..i dun even know XD...

About my Facebook

Today i would like to intro some of my favourite application in facebook.

Pet Pupz

So,meet my beloved pet, Agil the Siberian Husky!

Look at Agil stat! All full! hehe..with some awesome badges =)

Agil can won at obediance contest =D
Look! He won again! muacksss!!!
He never lost at flyball competition as well =)
Won against Yanyu Doggy =P

Won again! Agil is perfect in speed!

Haik00 Zoo

so, meet my pet from haikoo zoo, Tigris the yellow tiger!

Tigris and his friend =) Finally Tigriss belly strong enuf to won Frank Buster,haha..
Time for Tigriss nap....good nite =)


nothing much special on this application, u just b an egg hunter and hunt for egg in everybody facebook profile or even ur own profile. u can incubate max 3 pet at once. so here are my 3 pet =)

Elephant, Rabbit (?) and a sheep

Best Friend

uhh,no need to

My best friend in facebook list ( i know some friend was leftout..tat bcoz no more space..)

Gangsta Friend? is My Crew!

Sorry for the small pic..if u enlarge it u can c all d nickname i gave to my Crew =)

My Nicest Friend

A Lot more but no space t add..sorry guys =(

My City

This is recently application i added. I named my city as Vir Libra. It is developing now =)

Vir Libra city (not a full view..just partial of it)

My city stat and population

For more detail, u can click "Facebook" link at right side,under "ABout me X-tra" menu..tq guys ^^