Wednesday, June 11, 2008

About my Facebook

Today i would like to intro some of my favourite application in facebook.

Pet Pupz

So,meet my beloved pet, Agil the Siberian Husky!

Look at Agil stat! All full! hehe..with some awesome badges =)

Agil can won at obediance contest =D
Look! He won again! muacksss!!!
He never lost at flyball competition as well =)
Won against Yanyu Doggy =P

Won again! Agil is perfect in speed!

Haik00 Zoo

so, meet my pet from haikoo zoo, Tigris the yellow tiger!

Tigris and his friend =) Finally Tigriss belly strong enuf to won Frank Buster,haha..
Time for Tigriss nap....good nite =)


nothing much special on this application, u just b an egg hunter and hunt for egg in everybody facebook profile or even ur own profile. u can incubate max 3 pet at once. so here are my 3 pet =)

Elephant, Rabbit (?) and a sheep

Best Friend

uhh,no need to

My best friend in facebook list ( i know some friend was leftout..tat bcoz no more space..)

Gangsta Friend? is My Crew!

Sorry for the small pic..if u enlarge it u can c all d nickname i gave to my Crew =)

My Nicest Friend

A Lot more but no space t add..sorry guys =(

My City

This is recently application i added. I named my city as Vir Libra. It is developing now =)

Vir Libra city (not a full view..just partial of it)

My city stat and population

For more detail, u can click "Facebook" link at right side,under "ABout me X-tra" menu..tq guys ^^