Thursday, June 26, 2008

Presentation : 3D Design

Today was a formal presentation for my Introduction to Design Principle 1 assignment, which is 3D Modal (If u guys refer t my previous post). Oh well, since it is formal,everyone required to wear FORMAL! Lol…what a dumb phrase I had made,hahaha… Me with my modal =D

So as usual, I picked my favorite shirt to wear in addition with my blue tie. Lol…then I went to campus as usual, be the 1st who entered class before everyone does XD

Before Presentation : So

Around 1005 hours, Pn Hanim entered the class and ask us be ready for the presentation. She asked us stick our drawings on the mirror. So I pick a nice spot for myself, the mirror just behind my seat,hahaha. I can see some of their modal was done pretty nice. Oh well, I knew I need to appreciated my own work and have confident on it. That’s what I did..haha..

Everyone busy pasting thier work

I am wrong..some seem like quite relaxing..

My Modal =)

Everybody drawing was on the mirror

Guess which is mine? haha

So they are two side mirror which is left and right in d class. Pn Hanim picked the left side to judge and Pn Nikki picked the left one. I should very grateful because if my judge was Pn Nikki, I’ll get slaughter by her (bcoz she a lot thing to complain one…)
Need an example how she complain? Here the best eg :

Why do you built the KLCC like corn shape?”

Because I like to eat corn! That’s y I use corn shape in my construction.”

Why do u like to eat corn

Because I like it la! It tastes nice!

What so nice?

Duh!!! feel like wanna punch her rite? haha...This will make me sick if she asks me tat XD….

After this guys is my turn to present!! ahhhhh~

So during my presentation, my mind was empty because I dunno what to present. Furthermore I nv prepare anything for it…But at last I manage to spoke out with very confidently and spontaneously. That’s make Pn Hanim impressed with my presentation =P… as a result I got A for “The depth of the content/underdstanding/application” element,muahahha…

There are four element will given marks on this presentation which are :

- The depth of the content/underdstanding/application…40%
- Creativity and originality of design…30%
- Workmanship and finesse of work…10%
- Shadow study…20%

My Shadow Study : Using Sunlight

My Shadow Study : Using Torchlight XD

So I am glad I got A for the toughness and most mark one…muahahaha