Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday class

If u guys got view my live space latest blog, my model have been approved by my lecturer to proceed to final phase. since she wanted to c d final model by today, this few days i was rushing to complete it. as result yesterday nite i slept around 0300 to complete my final model..Here is my model..is slightly different than d testing 1 =)

Top View

Side View I

Side View II

Side View III

Side View IV

Base View

As a result of making this final model, 2 of my finger already sacrifice....

So today after Design Principle class, d next class was Film and Art Appreciation. OMG! HOLY SHIT! Today movie was totally a crap!!! Don't understand at all what it is about..and finally, this is the first time i had to surrender to a movie..i ter-slept during watching this bored movie. I not sure what the title movie..is either "Immortal Beethoven" or "Immortal Beloved"...

Inside the auditorium room. Seriously this room can gave cinema feeling =)

C the green light? haha