Saturday, June 07, 2008

Unidentified Grounding Object (UGO) at KLCC

Reporter : A observer (obs) saw a plenty amount of UGO at KLCC park. Lets listen his explaination.

Obs : Yesterday while i walking around KLCC park, i spotted alot mysterious object grounding on the floor. I suspect here has become a secret basement of Alien who try to invader Earth. i took few pics of those UGO. Here are those pics!!!

Obs : look! that was thier UFO!! i believe!!
Obs : Here is thier secret hideout entrance. dun believe it? try open and have a look!

Obs : can u believe tat!!?? A pyramid floating on water!! that must b thier webcam to spy us!

Obs : uhh this one? i guess they scare hot..thats why need an unbrella....

Obs : They even have High-Tech communication to contact thier gang from other planet!

Obs : this must b thier reffrigerator...oh alien do eat too

Obs : guess what? this must be thier dinner table!

Obs : This is intruder detector! once u step on thier area,they will slaugther u lively!!

Obs : I believe this is human temperature detector! once u stick ur butt on it, they can detect ur temperature
Obs : Finally!! Watch out this!!! This is thier secret POWERFUL + BLADYFULL weapon!! Grenade Launcher!!
Reporter : 2 hour later police successfully catched that "observer" who try to ruined everyone mood in the KLCC park and placed him to Hospital Tanjung Rambutan.
For all tourist information,there was no Alien so dun worry and happy holiday~