Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1 minute idol!

today at all sudden, i had become UCSI,DESIGN PRINCIPLE IDOL for 1 minute,hahaha...oh well, all my hard work got reward,so work until sick also worth it la..what m i talking about? well is reffering to my cubes model. today i brought all the opening cubes to class and arrange it according my original plan. Pn Hanim checked my design and she satisfied my model. "Excellent! Very good!" thats what she keep 'mumbling'..after that she asked all coursemate to gather around to look at my model. then Pn Nikki suddenly said "Suddenly u bcome so popular ah". then i said "Okok, i'll charge RM5 per entry"..then Pn Hanim said,"Ok class! Check out this model. this is d best example. the opening reflect its principle & organization bla bla bla". woop! Happy =)...so my hard work worth it afterall..haha..
Well, tats my 2nd phase model. I adi get approval to enter final phase, construct this model using modeling board. OMG! I using paper also need 30 min per cube. Wif modeling board, i afraid 1 hour per cube also dun have..sigh..but i have to do my best! I wanna get A! in this model! Go Go Jackie!

Next week tues is Film & Art Appreciation presentation. Hopefully i manage to capture some pic to show u guys my group presentation! It gonna b funny and entertaining =).

Today is Daddy birthday as well! Happy birthday to u daddy =)