Thursday, July 03, 2008

Assignment : Cubes Nightmare!!!

last Tuesday v are given a final assignment for Design Principle subject. Omg this final assignment totally HORRIBLE!! We are required to use 5cm X 5cm X 5cm cubes to come out with a design. Well, why i said horrible? becoz the design required minimum 50 cubes maximum 80 cubes..50 ah!!!! Cut until i siao leh!! Summor my lecturer said this coming thursday (today) wanna c us bring 50 cubes to start apply our design!! yesterday i rushed to do my cubes after i am back from exam...

Well i started my work since 8pm...while i on the way almost complete the cubes, suddenly my whole area electricity blackout around 1am!! WTF!! I Left few mroe cubes to cut and paste!! I wanted to sleep!! But WHY ELECTRICITY BLACK OUT!!! SHIIITTTT!!! The electricity was recover around 1.45am. So i immediately fai fai kau tim my work and go sleep...i reli beh tahan..very tired..but since v r going to do d prototype modal 1st..guess later when do real modal i'll have more nightmare...~_~

I'll never love cube anymore T_T