Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Film & Art (F&A) Presentation

today was F&A final assignment presentation. i was in group 5. Members of this group are :

Kok Su Li (TL)
Ng Yong Sim
Low Eng Kiat
Loi Wing Hong
Alan Chee
Arefeh Agharazi Dormani
Ayman Mohamed Elmakki Ahmed

oh well..if u guys reffer my live space blog, i complaint b4 about my TL. same thing happen again today.SHIT her! anyway i dowan to mention what happen..overall it was all last min work and quite unplan actually. i wun said our presentation was good. Our presentation include PRESENTOR (Me, yongsim, eng kiat and arefeh), Op-Art Demostration (Ayman and Alan) and FASHION SHOW VIDEO (suli).

Well we present Victor Verasely, a famous and important artist (graphic design, painter and sculptor).

After my group presentation, i ran out from class and get redi to go back. While on d way back, inside d van i chatted with group 1 leader (sorry to say i dunno her name..so i called her A here).
v chatted a while about our own presentation and gave comment to each other. Suddenly she said :

A : You dowan say sorry to me ah?
Me : Huh? Sorry? About???
A : Last time u step my leggg!!!
Me : Opssss! you still remember ah?
A : Of coz remember la! You stepped me liao and nv say sorry.
Me : haha...sorry ah..tat day actually i reli dunno i step on someone leg..but u also scold me adi la inside d bus.
A : Lol..everytime i c u i'll remember d incident
Me : (Omg..she muz hate me so much..haha)..

so at last i apologize to her..lol