Friday, July 04, 2008

UCSI @ Dataran Merdeka

Today my class was held at Dataran Merdeka. The purpose of today drafting class was draw 4 types of bulding around Dataran Merdeka there. So at last i already choose 4 types of building =). Well,is kinda fun to having activities outside class. To be honest i dunno how to go Dataran Merdeka through Masjid Jamek, so i took LRT Star to Bandaraya and walked from there. When i just reach there around 9.45am, i saw Gabriel and Harry, so v walk together (At 1st i promise to wait for Sheila since she dunno go but Gabriel told me she reach adi,so i dun even have any intention to look or call her). So when 3 of us reach there, no one was seen (including Sheila) except Pn Hanim. So later i call her and she told me she at station since 9am and waiting for me. OMG!!! i ran back to station to fetch her n suli to the destination.

After tired drawing and taking pics of those building, v force Pn Hanim to took pics wif us XD.. so at last v have few cam whore

After that, around 12.30am the class dismiss. Gabriel asked for sing K at Red Box and i dunno y i follow them to 4 of us (Me,Gabriel,Suli and Sheila) went to Low Yat for Red-Boxing! Wow! it was almost a years since i hold mic...kinda miss this kind of feeling..but guess i reli dunno how to sing liao..all my singing out of tune >,<....

After finish sing, v went back. I went to barber shop nearby my house for hair cutting as well as highlight back my hair! wee, new style now =>.