Friday, August 22, 2008

4th days of holidays

today i decided be good boy and stay at finally got time to stay at home and tidy up my room was like rubbish room since d modeling assign..all model board waste was around my table and all my file,paper and books was randomly in my room..haha..anyway, i nv expect it juz consume me some time to completely tidy up my room. neway, here is my brand new room! Muahahha...

after finish tidy up my room, i continue my Kamen Rider designing. around 1530, Kavia smsed me and asked me go out yum cha. well at 1st i have a doubt wether wanna go last i decided to go. i reach steven Corner around 1600 and Kavia told me he at CC. when i enter, surprisingly i saw yong and eric (wow they still alive! lol..)..Thoo and tang was there as i juz sat down there and have 1 game dotA with them. heh my skill still havent slack, i using rigwarl and owning them kao kao =P...while i m playing, tee, teoh and darmindra appear. they din join d game and went to Steven Corner to yum cha.

after d 1 round game, i went to yum cha with them while d rest continue playing and dowan join d yum cha..duh...well, this gathering wasn't as fun as i expected..3 of them was talking thier uni stuff and sub..for ur information, they all are Engineering they talking about engineering stuff while i juz sat down there listen, drinks and bored rite? when they ask me what course i m taking, i said 3D animation. but seem like they are not interesting on d course i m taking..well, i nv regret. it was my choice, my dream. i wanna b a great animator like PIXAR. i have a lot animation dream in my mind. 1 of them was d 1 i currently working with, Kamen Rider. I wish someday i can turn this Kamen Rider i design into 3D.

When i saw back yong, eric & tang today, i have a weird feeling. it seem like i m meeting wif stranger. mayb bcoz my memory already deleted them as my frenz. when i meet them, it was juz like i met with stranger..well, who care. Well, glad to c u guys back.. u guys wasn't change much. Teoh & Tee still love to "Blow Water" (and d winner still tee). I guess, my frenz did not change. Mayb i m d 1 who change..bcome more stranger to them..but i never bother about it. i'll juz continue b myself who i am...

Eng kiat chat wif me today, he seem like love my Kamen Rider work..hehe well, he is my senior for ur information. He love Kamen Rider stuff too. so everyday v'll discuss about it non-stop. he told me next week monday go out. Heh, is time to went out wif Uni-Mate. V already plan for Bowling, K Box & Movie next mon. well, hopefully it work. i wanna play BOWLING! Gotta realease all my stress on d ball! Muahahaha

I done my 1st part of my Kamen Rider. 2 more to go. I'll post to here when i completely done! meanwhile, pls stay tune to my blog dear reader.
Love u guys! Muackss!!