Thursday, August 21, 2008

Journey to MV

today i went out wif my sis, Karen to Mid Valley. Wow it almost 1 years ++ i din went more memory about d place adi XD..Anyway v promise to meet u at 1130 but she appear around 1145. after that v get out lunch at a japanese restaurant (forgot what d name adi...XD)..after lunch v walk around and she went to padini to fix her pant. After that v went up for Movie, MUMMY 3!! Finally get to watch! waited for so long adi T_T...that movie nice! Funny! Hahaha..worth to watch it.

After finish watched d movie, v went around the MV. V walk up and down repeatedly, bcoz no idea what to do and where to go..finally i told her i wanna play bowling. but when i reach there, alot ppl ~_~..furthermore they off d like and make it like disco..shit! I cant play in this condition due to my eyes at last i din play. After tat v went to Garden for camwhoring XD.. (not reli camwhore alot..juz 2 pics..XD)...

after took pics at Garden, v went to Mc D and ate ice cream..wah dunno how long adi since i eat Ice i ate 2 scoops of ice cream today XD...after finish ate, i went back to my house while she waiting her parent to fetch her..

well this is 3rd day of my hols experience..tmrw will stay at home and tidy up my room...a bunch of rubbish was in my room due to d modeling assign..

i smsed my Setapakian frenz, asking them for movie on next week but none of them reply (except Joe)..sad la..sigh..nvm..gotta ask my other frenz to accompany me for movie...i wan watch Wall E and Meet Dave!! ahhh!!!