Thursday, August 14, 2008

Presentation : Cubes Model @ Design Review : Cubes Model

Finally! My suffer over!! Yesterday was my cubes model presentation and today was design review for cubes model. What is Design Review? well, mroe than 10 officer will come and look at our model. If they like d model, they'll ask d felor come out and present. I heard they are very strict and ask alot dummy anyway lets talk about yesterday presentation 1st. The presentation is formal presentation (of course..duh)and it started sharp 10am. Sharp 10am my lecturer lock the door and whoever reach late,gotta say bye bye and say hihi to Pn Hanim again on next sem XD...anyway reli thx my dad to fetch me to my campus coz i was carrying a very very huge make me unable to take public transport. can u guys imagine how big is my model? d base is 42cm X 42cm...height? 40cm! d volume of my model is 42 X 42 X 40 = 70560cm^

well overall everyone did a great job..they have a great model and great presentation. what about me? model i dunno should said nice or sucks...get complaint from Pn Nikki bout my craftmenship XD...coz alot "bulu bulu" came out from d board...and then she complaint my handwriting dun have "architecture-stic"..when she juz mention tat word, Pn Hanim straight away said "well he is not architecture, he is 3D Animation".she straight away speechless...hahaha...tats for my model presentation? i guess mine is d fastest. not even 2 min i finish present d whole thing and best part was...Pn Hanim and Pn Nikki din ask me any question. my other coursemate cham lo..kena shoot kao kao from they 2 should i consider lucky or i m d best presentor? d way Pn Hanim seem like hinting me will get selected for tomorrow review (according to her, at least 1 3D animation student will b choosen for review to compare with others architecture student). The presentation over around 1750 hours..all of us very tired (they not allow us go back until everyone finish present..sigh)...

for my own sake, i tod i will reli get choosen for today review, i go prepared myself for a better presentation. i reach home only i upgrade my presentation board and my speech...

well for today design review, is same time which is 1000 hours. Exactly the same rules, if u came late..say hihibyebye..hahaha...after tat v all are ordered to move to next class and wait for "punishment"...

i waited from 1000 hours until 1200 hours and yet no one ask me go to present..and OMG! Li Hong was the last selected person. so i was not choosen for d i feel relieved or geram -,-...i was preparing for everything adi..but they choose Ayman (3D animation) to present..haihz nvm,what happen let it happen..after d presentation, v all given free food. I ate together with Ruo Ping and Li Hong before went back.

i brought camera today,tod wanna camwhore wif my coursemate...btu at last forgot mon gonna meet them for d last time. Gotta miss u guys so much and my lecturer as well. Well next sem i m taking drawing,coloring and painting sub where all this sub was available at South Wing (Currently i was at North Wing).

YIPEE!! FINALLY OVER! I M SOOOO FREAKING HAPPY! No need cut model anymore!! week mon is my final exam as well, F&A paper, oh well..hopefully i can make it! Go go jackie! Hols! Wait for me!!!


Oh well, some sad thing happen. Gabriel, my frenz who taking same major course wif me. He gave up 2 sub which is Design Principle and Drafting. He din submit his folio last week and he din attend for design principle. Well, v did advice him but no point. I would like to said that he purposely wanna fail himself in this 2 sub. Impossible cant complete d model lo coz d time given was almost 2 weeks. and d drafting was 2 weeks as how nut he is? dumbo!

Yesterday i just chat wif him :

(7:45 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: do u know what r u doinh?
(7:45 PM) Bay ` - In life,: i didnt go for de presentation
(7:45 PM) Bay ` - In life,: and de review
(7:45 PM) Bay ` - In life,: and
(7:45 PM) Bay ` - In life,: i fail?
(7:45 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: of coz
(7:46 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: what d reason?
(7:46 PM) Bay ` - In life,: yea i know
(7:46 PM) Bay ` - In life,: dats what im doing right now
(7:46 PM) Bay ` - In life,: lol
(7:46 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: what d reaso?
(7:46 PM) Bay ` - In life,: err i give up half way?
(7:47 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: is there any special reason?
(7:47 PM) Bay ` - In life,: erm...
(7:47 PM) Bay ` - In life,: is just dat
(7:47 PM) Bay ` - In life,: what u all facing im facing too
(7:47 PM) Bay ` - In life,: just dat
(7:47 PM) Bay ` - In life,: im weak ?
(7:47 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: basically i'll said u coward
(7:48 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: u have time to finish it what
(7:48 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: what d reason give up leh?
(7:48 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: this week adi final week
(7:48 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: drafting u also din submit
(7:48 PM) Bay ` - In life,: erm
(7:48 PM) Bay ` - In life,: smtg happen which i dont want to tell
(7:48 PM) Bay ` - In life,: is that a reason?
(7:49 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: if u din tell me what d reason i might said it was an excuses

Today i chat wif him again :

(3:05 PM) Bay ` - In life,: wei
(3:05 PM) Bay ` - In life,: dun hate me
(3:06 PM) Jackie ♂ ♥ Anni: did i?
(3:06 PM) Bay ` - In life,: duno,i just felt abit from you

so you wan my answer? i'll say -

"Lei tiu sei jak mak lou!" you are coward! Pathetic! why should i hate you? basically it has nth to do wif is ur future not mine..if tats ur way to determine ur future, JUST DO IT! why should i bother so much? i dun have responsible to guard ur future. Blah...u kanasai u punya pasal la...seriously i m disappointed and looking down on u..WTF!


dear dear is coming back to kl this fri! Miss her so much!! Gotta go out wif her next week,hopefully if nth happen...

cant wait to c u dear, love u so much! Muacksss!!!