Sunday, August 03, 2008

Touch 'N Go

well it was August now! few more weeks gonna sem break!! muahaha..cant wait for it..this full week n coming week i gonna in ZOMBIE status. still busy wif my Modelling and Drawing assignment..both due on coming this week..

by d way since august, i decided to use Touch 'N Go (TNG) card for my transportation (most of the month i m using monthly pass). Seriously this is 1st time i use TNG. where to buy? where to reload? how to reload? how to use? OMG i totally no idea. until now i still affraid to use d card XD..coz when scan on the scanner wif TNG usually will have confirmation sound. But i tried it on last fri it end up no SOUND at all! however i did notice my creadit was deducted. guess should b no noob me XD