Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hacken’s Concert Hall Live In Malaysia 2008

Events : Hacken’s Concert Hall Live In Malaysia
Date : 15 November 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 8.00pm
Venue : Arena of Stars

Diminutive singer Hacken Lee needs no introduction to fans of Cantopop. He is as famous in the Hong Kong music industry as David Beckham is in football.
From the man who brought us hits like "Red Sun", "Flying Flower", "Feet of Fortune", "I Can't Sing" and "The Grasp of Love", Genting - City of Entertainment is proud to present Hacken Lee's Concert Hall Live at the Arena of Stars.

Don't miss this opportunity to catch him live at 8.00PM on 15th November 2008. Let Hacken dazzle you with his soulful ballads and contemporary pop hits.


Yeah Hacken having concert in Malaysia again! I wanna go! I wanna go! Any1 can accompany me? I never been in any concert b4 =(..pls pls any hacken fans, any frenz can accompany me~!! =(....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Painting Class

Finally! Painting class officially begin! it was once a week on mon from 12pm till 6pm..6 hours killingspree i expected, this painting class required WATER COLOUR, my biggest weakness in painting.. seriously i reli dunno use water colour for painting...

well, after today class i would like to say, watercolouring not bad at all =P...
here is my painting. Dun laugh ah! Hahaha..i'll learn more about it. i got confidence my technique will improve once i was given a proper teaching

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Someone birthday...

i love her
yes i love her
of coz i love her
definitely i love her
for sure i love her

okok i love her very very much!!

obviously no need me to mention whose birthday today...just prepare this thing for her.

Well, eventhough u said ur birthday was juz like usual day. but for me, it was ur importance day.

eventhough v unable to b together for this moment, however, in future v still have long way to go. I hope, i still able to b wif u every year to walk the road together wif u.

Happy birthday my beloved darling,

i alwiz love you!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

SHS IC IU Day 2008

finally i got chances to back into SHS! It have been 9 months since i leave this school..sigh sigh.miss alot teacher..joe was chatting wif me yesterday nite n he mention today was IU day and organize by SHS IC and held at own school. Heh so i said i wanted to go wif him coz i wanna c how those junior and Pn Srina since i miss the prom nite last few week.

As usual, Joe come and fetch me on 1.45pm. the IU Day suppose to start around 2pm until 6pm. but it ended up started on 3pm and until 6pm. The theme for this IU day was "INDIA" d themes, everyone wear indian tradisional clothes and attend this function. me and joe? since both of us senior sure got special treatment la, v no need wear those clothes selamba v 2...

however not much people attend the day. I guess bcoz of raining day, timing and today was class replacement for all government school. lol..but gotta to know few junior from other school as well (for some reason i forgot thier name..XD).

so today our guest of honor is Mr loo (i guess thats his spelling), president for roctary club. He keep talking about his roctaract club when he giving speech...kinda bored..XD

after the speech, was a ice breaking section. we are dividing into 2 big groups and playing a game called "watabi (i think call so)".how d game goes? it was best to describe this game similar to malaysian "kala panjang"..joe kena gangbang by them kao kao..hahaha..but they all failed to gangbang me. i dunno is bcoz they scare me or i too cauntious adi XD...

Next was performances. there are few cultural dance by those indian boy..well, some was quite interesting..but some was bored. I guess bcoz the step dance was repeated and nth new about it

after few dance performances, it was fashion show time. few "models" wearing indian tradional clothes and perform cat walk 1 by 1. quite interesting but, i couldn't differentiate whats d difference..XD

after d fashion show, was refreshment time. oh well, i din eat and juz drink. besides, it was camwhore time! Hahaha..manage to capture fews junior to take pic wif me and joe =P

after refreshment, continue to the dance performance. again, few dances was perform by indian student. oh well..thats kinda bored coz all peformances overall was dance dance

after that was lucky draw. Joe juz complain tat he nv won any lucky draw b4 and suddenly his num was called out last he won a prize, was souvenier section. each school representative received souvenier..but wait! UCSI dun get! sad..v 2 ex interactor senior dun have...T_T

before went back, v manage to take pic wif Pn Srina..she cut her hair pic was abit corrupted...what to do? d felor who took this pic was not professional..XD

during on d way to joe car, v notice a "weird" board pasted on the wall near the gym. so v decided to take d pic to show to u all..XD


so overall, it was nice to back to my old school. i guess i'll going there again during Mr Ho retirement if my class doesn't clash wif it.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Mooncake festival fever is coming soon. I received an email from nicole just now about mooncake. so i would like to share with you guys =)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New haircut?

ok..i guess after u guys c my new hairstyle u guys will gonna punch me..hahaha..dun hate me wei! I wanted try something tat i nv did

juz went to cut hair on yesterday..result? i satisfy wif it (some still complain my fringe very