Saturday, October 04, 2008

20's Birthday

Yesterday (3rd Oct) was my 20's birthday! Lol...finally i entered "ty" longer "teen" T__T...anyway, i have sent invitation to some of my friends that i going to treat the dinner for my birthday. So here are the info =)

Date :

Time :

Venue :

Member :
Notes : [X] means not coming..and some are

Well, to make it simple, v all gathered at Wangsa Maju Pizza Hut (Next to Carrefour) roughly 7.15PM (As usuall i m very puntual but some are still late >,<) v ordered 1 set of pizza for 6 person and get free refill for drinks as well as a free ice cream cracker due to my brithday well, i never expect Paula can mix along wif them (notes that Paula second times join my group. Her 1st time was during Vic birthday on have been 2 years since i c her). Hehe well tats great..v craps alot in d Pizza and talk very most of us craps about our uni things. Around 9.45pm, i realise the Pizza Hut was getting crowded. Alot ppl coming and some queue waiting for place..OMG! V so damn paiseh so Tee suggets we go Mamak stall for second round i paid for d bills and Paula was having curfew, so she unable to join us.

So our 2nd destination, Genting Corner Mamak stall!

Well Paula went back home but Kavia come and join us. So v continue our crapping story until 12am. After that joe fecth me back =)...thx alot dude! I owe u alot! By d way i guess i miss out alot my frenz rite? there was a reason i dowan to invite them...i juz found some was so irritated (i dunno y..dun ask me) ecspecially some BAKA NEKO face felor..if u guys know who i

Anyway i received few present from them. Thx alot dude! Not to forget thx for those who wished me! Love u guys so much!

Oh well, time to show off my present! XD...

FROM Kavia :

FROM Paula :

FROM Teoh & Tee

Oh well, since we all keep busy crapping..i forgot to take pics wif they all >,<....oh well nvm...i have fun anyway and the memories will be in my brain forever. Thanks alot my friends =)