Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepavali Celebration 2008

Today is Deepavali! So 1st of all i would like to wish Happy Deepavali to everyone! So actually today i suppose went to kavia open house only, bu later i added another programed where going for Darmin open house as well.

I went Kavia house at 1430 hours and i am his 1st Teoh and Tee reach roughly 10 min later..follow up by Low and Tang and the last one is Eric (seriously i still have negative though on him. tats y i din talk much wif him).

So v started to chit chatting and eat in Kavia house. His parent served us alot food and his dad keep refilling the food for cause me hardly to digest later 1620 hours all of us including kavia went to Darmin house.

So this is 1st time i been Darmin house. He is staying in Genting Court. When v all reach at his house, he wasn't there yet and all of us waited at d nearby garden for almost 1 hours..swt...

after 1 hours, 1730 hours, he finally appear and guide us to his house. So at 1st i tod v wun eat at his house...but his dad was cooking for us and being no choice, v have to my lunch, i started to eat non-stop since 1230 hours until 1830 cause me so so so damn hard digest XD...

All of us went back from Darmin house around 1910 hours. Well, usually i juz went kavia house during deepavali, this year i manage to go Darmin house as well. So is a new experience for me...

* Tee still champion in eating contest *

* Food in Kavia house *

* YII!! See how dirty Tee shirt *

* Teoh nightmare will repeat... *

* We are da BOSS *

* Da BOSS part 2 *

* They dominated small kids playground... *

* In Darmin house *

* Tee macam tak sabar sabar mau makan *

* Food in Darmin house *

* I wonder how they still able to fill in their stomach... *

* Last *

p/s : i wonder how both of their parent view me coz my hairstyle so damn evil..XD