Thursday, October 09, 2008

Drawing : Human Figure part 2

Today we having drawing class again. So v continue drawing our human figure (part 2) today every1 having chance to be model, posing here and there XD..during Usaid turn, he have to pose on the sofa..after his turn is mine and i have to pose on sofa i juz dun care anything and simple pose by laying down my whole body on the sofa and make a relaxing pose XD...alot student past by and get "attracted" by my pose (cewah) coz they stop by and look at me XD...hahaha..oh well, lecturer said my post was damn hard..nobody can even sketch me pecrfectly XD...opps, i forgot to take pic of my skecth done by my well nvm since none of them skecth me handsomely XD...

so here are my full skecthes for today (again, is was 10~15 mins skecthes..dun expect more from me)

1) Usaid
2) Rajeev
3) Dayana

Besides, today "sissy" absent...and v having shock quiz for moral studies..omg! So damn tough d question (i dun reli study yet >,<) consume 10% for final paper..GOD! Plese at least make me pass >,<...following by Colouring subject quiz..heh it was pretty easy but i make some silly my marks was 10/15...sigh.. back to "sissy"..since he absent, he lose marks for both happening to him? he said he "lao sai"..duh..what a dumb ~__~... i guess no point for me complaning bout him, it has nth to do wif me was his future...GOD

Time move pretty fast eh..without realising my 2nd sem already started for 6 weeks..6~8 more weeks to 2 weeks gonna b my mid term exam then nov the full month is my presentation months for my moral studies..i m abit worry for my group since the leader is d "sissy"..well no matter what i'll do my best in my presentation (since presentation marks was carry out by individually, so i dun think i have prob on it)..

looking forward for dec =) dear is coming back! Miss her so much!!

p/s : for those who dunno who is "sissy"..check it out on my previous post =P