Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drawing Part 3 : We are Plastic Surgery Doctor!

It have been almost 2 month since we "berguru" wif Mr Khairul for drawing class. In this whole 2 months we have been showing off all our best,skill,creativity and event our talent in drawing!

And guess what? Yesterday drawing already prove something to us and Mr Khairul that all of us have high potential in future..WHY!?


So how this thing work? usually ppl who wanna make plastic surgery will wonder how or will they look nice after d operation? no worry! We will handle it for u! We can predict and draw our ur look after d operation. Guarantee kasi korang puas punya!

Here, i'll introduce few pro for u guys. Lets review our future artistes work!

Dr Nelson Ng :

Comment : He experienced it on himself. So obviously there is huge difference before and after d operation. His face become more rounded like a basketball. His eyes modified into slitty eyes like china man. Yes thats rite! From Chinese Malaysia he manage to converted himself into CHINAMAN!! *clap clap* 1 more thing, his fist become whoever interested may contact him =).


Dr Emily Kok :

Comment : Our girl artist, Emily Kok. What is her ability? She experiment it on Dhayana and here is the outcome. Before this, Dhayana was small in size, cute (?) and have thin hair. After d operation, she seem slightly taller, old for 10 years adi and d hair so damn thick (does she seem like SHE MALE already?) Bingo! She able to help someone grow taller and older. Contact her for further enquiry *clap clap*


Dr Gabriel Yap :

Comment : Ok, this Goblin Yap (opss) , Gabriel Yap also experiment it on Dhayana. Another huge obvious difference between before and after. The cute (?) Dhayana and small in size plus thin hair will looks like an ape (?) or old woman (roughly 50 years old), small barehand and super thick hair! So who feel him/herself look immature, feel free to seek for Dr Grabiel Yap.


Dr Dhayana :

Comment : Finally! After Dr Dhayana been experience by 2 doctor, she fed up by d outcome and she did it on herself. So enough comment her appearance before, we'll comment herself AFTER the operation. As everyone can see, body portion,size,height,weight (?) all PERFECT! But? WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN TO HER FACE!!? She had become that mean she...?*speehless* So whoever dare to take a risk..pls contact her.


Dr Jackie Loi

Comment : Hey GOD know!? I am 1 of the potential ALIBABA Plastic Surgery Doctor also. So i experiment it on myself too. What happen? wow! Fabulous!! U see!! My body portion, size, height, totally perfect! Like original of myself! Muahahha..however..some error occur during d process and...My head is smaller than usual >,< "carls cheng" so big! OMG!, whoever wanna reduce d upper size but increase d lower size, feel free to ask me to do so!! Muahahha..
p/s : Mr Khairul should be grateful that he have so many fantastic students! Hahaha