Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UCSI : Around the World (Uni)

Today! We 3D Animation + Fashion Design student explore whole University! It suddenly remind me UCSI motto " Around the World"...oh well v did! But Around the Uni..hahaha..when i said uni, of coz include north wing! Haha..

we having a project for drawing subject today, which was walk around UCSI and draw human and idiot sub..XD...neway v have alot fun. V gather at ur studio in early morning then lecturer, Mr Khairul left us behind. So our 1st destination, Block A since there have Blood Donation Campaign. Well, v drew few figure at there then when v redi to move to other place, v saw Mr Khairul. He told us he juz finish his breakfast -,-...then i dunno where they heading but v saw bus was there. So i told them v go North Wing for drawing and all of us, sakai ride d bus to North Wing.

When v reach North Wing, Mr Khairul seem pissed coz nobody was around North Wing (Usually alot ppl de). So v went to cafeteria and draw at there while he have a drink. After finish drawing, v waited for bus for few min. When d bus came, all of use went up and me, grabiel, suli, usaid and Mr Khairul standing since d eat fully seated.

Then v stand a while but d bus not moving and d guard come to talk to us.

Guard : Hey you guys are not allow to stand. if u stand d bus wun move.
Me : What!?
Khairul : Cannot stand ah?

so being no choice, 4 of us including wei hong went down from from d bus and d bus left us. Khairul make more pissed being no choice v have to walk back to south wing..hahaha..

So,this is our journey today. Kinda fun but tiring as well..well, more project coming soon.

By d way, during on d way back to my house, i saw some changes on UCSI. Here is d pics i took

They added Wing nice! And if i not mistaken, UCSI are fully Uni now..Might change name to USI? lol...

1 more thing..i wanna complain d shuttle bus damn cacat..dah la timing not accurate, alwiz come late, driver "steal bone" and now they dun even allow us stand? WTF!? I'll late reach class everyday if this continue happen..sigh