Sunday, October 26, 2008

When Egg Tart VS Siu Pao

Mum : lai lai! Makan!

*put down the 'bowl' on the table*

Me : WOW! Mum cook Siu Pao!
Mum : It was egg tart -,-..
me : WHAT!? Egg tart? try 1st
mum : how d taste?
me : Egg taste..but appearance fail...still a siu pao for me..XD
sis : Ya lo...siu pao!
mum : -,-"
Me : Look! This looks like siu pao down part (reffer to below pic)

Me : And this is upper part (reffer to below pic)

mum : -,-"
Me : Okok i know! This is ur new cooking resipe..lets call it Egg Siu Pao XD...
mum : -_________________-"

* she tried to make egg tart but fail in d half way..tats y d egg tart 'plastic surgery' failed..XD*