Friday, November 28, 2008

Assignment War : Day 5

Tagged by Frank! Ciz how dare he call me chicken wing! Sei Ham Tan Chiew Yan!

1. Do you have secrets?

y not? lol...

2. Would you fall in love with a boy/girl younger than you?
girl girl yes, boy boy no! i m not gay..i m not kam yu lou like frank also XD

3. What would you do with a billion dollar?
buy whole UCSI than change all d management! Kick out all idiot ppl from d uni XD

4. Do you enjoy going to college?
never been in college life b4..i enjoy my uni life..XD

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
y not? lol...nth is impossible since love in first sight also exist

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
can i choose both? lol

7. List 5 favourite movies...
+Madagascar 2
+Beverly Hill of Chi Hua Hua

8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what would you do?
just bless her

9. List 5 favourite TV shows...
uh mostly is drama..too much to list

10. Do you have any regrets?

11. How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
hopefully marry adi..who know? XD

12. Who is the most important person to you?
family, gf, friends and

13. What kind of person do you think the person that tagged you is?
this felor is Ham Tan CHiew Yan (Ultraman) who alwiz fly back to KK and dowan c all of us! Blekk! XD

14. Would you rather be single but rich or married but poor?
so hard to decide...XD

15. What is your favourite color?
still d,blue & green

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
i m doing it now..

17. If you fall in love with 2 persons simultaneously, who would you choose?
it never happen in my i no comment..XD

18. What are top 5 on your "to-go" list?
assign assign assign assign & exam

19. Name 3 things you would like to do but would not be able to do...
+ do assign while playing
+ alwiz at my dear side
+ can have "jumper" ability..XD

20. People I wanna tag...
+ Everyone in my link list...XD


Today is day 5! Gonna do my painting assign later after lunch! Jia you jackie!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Assignment War : Day 4

damnit! i wanted to update my blog yesterday nite but for a sudden streamyx having a maintenance at my area, causing me dc! T___T...

So what happen yesterday? Yesterday was Day 3 for our assignment war! Yesterday v have our drawing assign. As i mention b4, i wanted to do human figure, so finally i choose Wilber Pan, punya poster as my model XD...yesterday 3 hours at class couldn't complete d whole drawing. I leave my drawing in class and rush back to home to cotinue my coloring report & slide because d due was today, hehe..

*Wilber Pan poster*

* I just done half..does it looks like him already? XD *

Today is fourth day for assign war, i having 2 assign due which is drawing (yesterday work) and coloring as well as coloring presentation. This morning i reach uni kinda early, around 0830. As soon as i reach, i can felt d heat around fourth floor..even in our studio! Omg! Those idiot nv on air cond! So i was sweating badly until 1200 then only they on d air cond >,<.... At the instant i reach studio this morning, i went to continue my drawing. Heh, it took me quite long to finish it but i m quite satisfied wif everything except d face...he doesnt looks like Wilber Pan,wuwuwu...i guess he is Wilber Pan after plastic surgery or 10 years later XD...

* My Pan Wei Bo! *

After drawing class over, everyone become very excited about presentation for coloring class later. All of us (Me,gabriel,suli,usaid & weihong) went to lunch at block A. After getting our lunch, v went back to studio and started to change clothes. I even brought my moving rubber to style my hair (i woke up late this morning and i din style my hair, causing me looks like old apek XD).

After 1430, Ms Anida entered class and our presentation begin. I started the presentation 1st and i guess i kinda satisfies wif my performance. I never get nervous but i think i "blow" too much "water" adi..haha

anyway overall everyone did good! Well done! Good job!

* All presentors..Dhayana wif d WTF hat XD *

After presentation over, all of us feel so relieved and v camwhore around! i love taking pic and i pose like mad today! here our pictures!

* Phew, finally is over!*

* Me and Yousof *

* Us again in difference angle *

* Me and Usaid, the blackie *

* Before we left the studio *

* Weirdo, 3 of the kind *

* All of us including Miss Anida *

* All of us again, in formal way *

Finally 2 assign down! Left painting i still felt d Illustration board bloody big! i gonna complete it b4 next mon so tat i can submit on time..wish me luck everyone!


Usaid figure out some funny fact on Gabriel pendrive. Lets have a look.

Which is the actual penguin design?


Or maybe....


Hahah! Figure it out urself if u get d joke =P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Assignment War : Day 2

Note : Majority this post will have nth to do wif my assign..XD

Today was my last day of Moral Studies class! After that i no longer need to attend d class and...yea! No need wake up on 0530 anymore!! Omg! I still cant imagine i have to wake up every tues and thurs on 0530 and went out from house 0600 juz to attend 0800 moral class! lol....

Anyway assignment war still on! Today i finished up my report for coloring and started to do slide show..finally i understand d feeling doing was annoying and damn mah fan XD..
p/s : this is 1st time i did paiseh

Yesterday nite i suddenly have feeling to looking a suitable phone for me. Finally i found! SE C905 and SE G900...well i guess i prefer G900 due to d price difference (though C905 have better function in camera). What about my SE Xperia X1 and NOK5800? well i give up coz both phone was too expensive, out of my it wasn't worth to have it. I survey and i figure our G900 juz cost RM900+ for AP price. Izzit reli tat cheap? can any1 confirm wif me? lol...i hope i can chnage new phone! beh tahan wif my beloved phone adi coz software prob (i dunno y all Nokia new phone have software prob)...

Sony Ericsson has added a new line, the G series, which starts with the Symbian UIQ based G900, a candybar handset sporting a 2.4" QVGA touchscreen, along with 160MB of internal memory and a Memory Stick Micro (M2) card slot.

The Sony Ericsson G900 is not shy on the camera front, packing a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus, digital image stabilization, red-eye reduction, and facial recognition. A neat feature is the ability to touch the screen to indicate the focus point of a picture, for those that enjoy taking more artsy photographs.

The Opera web browser comes pre-installed, and the Sony Ericsson G900 also features an FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP stereo and support for Sony Ericsson,s PlayNow music store. The touch display allows for handwriting recognition, and users can easily create personal notes and save them as ,stickies, on the handset,as home screen.

hehe what reli attractive me was d Wifi and touchscreen function. Well d main factor still bcoz d price. better than those bloody X1,5800 and

Monday, November 24, 2008

Assignment War : Day 1

Last sat i juz bought a new thing for my hair, known as Moving Rubber.
Then on sun, my sis help me do my hair and it cause me.....LOOKS LIKE LALA! OMG! lol...too hiperbola adi and i cant accept it this morning i try an experiment on d experiment :



Cool? I hope so XD. So i wif d WTF hair went to Uni as usually today for painting class. Today is my painting class final assignment. V requirement to use Acrylic Color to paint on Illustration Board. FIY, Illustration Board was bigger than A1 paper!! OMG!! So damn big!!

*Comparison between A3 and Illustration Board*

So all of us brought our own picture for painting. I brought a semi-snow mountain scenary. After that, for a sudden Mr Rini ask us to get a human figure pic to attach into d scenary. It was like a photoshop d picture but not using software, but manually. So since mine is snow mountain, i managed to found Boa pic, wearing winter clothes. It 100% match d scenary! hahaha! lucky me..

So we started our painting and GOSH!!! D board is so so so so BIG!! Juz paint for d half board already kill me! I spend more than 3 hours juz to paint d 1st layer. I use alot green tube today and..guess what? My green tube KO adi...hahahaha...d whole board take over my 1 green tube sad...!!

*My green tube...sigh*

So all of us couldn't finish d painting on time. So being no choice all of us have to carry d thing back to our home to continue d work. V going to submit this assign by next week or 8th dec. I wanna finish it as soon as possible so tat i no need purposely come on 8th dec coz v already hols tat

So i carry this board and when i taking putra, d stupid LRT on breakdown again! Luckily it doesnt stop for 20 min on each station instead 5 min..phew! Or else i'll die of sweating and anger...hahaha..Imagine carry a giant object and u get trap inside LRT...sure piss u

*My painting...havent finish 1st layer and*

This coming wed is Drawing class final assign. I guess i going to choose human figure =)...wish me luck!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jackie Loi : Memories of 20 Years

It have been more than 20 years i walk in this world. I have been go through alot experience such as friendship,love,family,happiness,despression and so on. For my new reader for blogspot, alot of u for sure doesnt know much about my background. So i would like to tell u guys my life as Jackie Loi Wing Hong in this 20 years.

The images below are my look from baby to kid and from teenager to adult (i am 20 years old now..almost to adult stage).

* Baby to Kid Stage*
* Teenager to Adult Stage *
Well, i stay at my granma house (Air panas) since i m born. Then i educated at Tadika Air Panas (which same kindergarden wif my dear and Carmen).
* I have been exposed to dog at young age. Thats d reason i m a dog lover now =P *
* Graduate From Kindergarden *

After i graduate frm Tadika Air Panas, i move to my very first and last primary school which was SKJAP (Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Air Panas). After not long i study there, my family move up and shift to Sri Rampai Apartment. Here was the beginning where my life started to travel wif school bus.

* ME and my 1st Sis *

* Primary 4 Picture *

Here is d time where i reli did meet all my very first friends. All of them who still wif me until now, thx for everyone =). U know who u r i mean...

After i unofficially graduate from primary school, i move to my secondary school, SHS (Setapak High School) where known as gangster school last time. At 1st i affaid i'll get bullied but ended up it wasn't as bad as i thought. I was well known student for some old teachers here because of my attitude (what? dun believe me..i m lying..hahaha). I been Librarian since f3 and get Vice President post when F5. Besides that, i active at Chess game as well. I represent school for few years competition and manage to grab 2nd place for both year 2004 and 2005. Oh well, i dun think my school was proud of this achievement.

* Form 3 class picture *

* Form 5 Class Picture *

After i finish my SPM, i "tanam anggur" (din work) for few months in home coz i couldn't get a suitable work. 1.5 months b4 lower 6 started, fnally i get to work at Standard Charted Bank as Data Clerk Entry. From here i begin my 2nd time working experience (the 1st time i work as Bata promoter after PMR). After that, i get offered to continue study in SHS, Form ^ in science stream.

According to my past, i was uncertain what future career i wan to b. So i thought by joining form 6 i could find the answer for myself. So here come my new life as f6 student, Pre-U student. I took Computer + Physics majoring during that time since i hate chemistry badly and they din offer Physics + Bio.

* Lower 6 Sciense 2 (L6S2) *

After that, i have been active in few society such as Chess Club (though i nv represent school anymore), Editorial Board (Graphic Designer), Interact Club (Publicity DIR), class monitor and finally, i join back Librarian.

Since i am ex-Vice president during f5, i tod i would have chance to become president. So during interview i applied for President post. But something unexpectable happen, my dear, Yin Ying who from APGS (Air Panas Girl School) also ex-Vice President for her school and she did applied for President post too and finally she got it. Why? Dun ask me why though i know whats d answer.

However, back to Lower 6 that time, i never like my dear. in my eyes that time she was arrogant tat cause me alwiz fight wif her bcoz of library thing and i dunno whether she did hate me onot..XD..

* Me and my dear - Our very 1st pic taken together *

After a long fight + prejudis, i guess my anger toward her have change to love. Dun ask me when i fall in love wif her, i wanna know too XD...and last year, 14th Feb 2007, finally i confess to her and v become couple. There was how our love story begun until now, it is almost 2 years. I guess alot people couldn't believe v still together...

* Our "engagement" ring *

However, after i joined upper 6, it seem like my relationship among my classmate is getting worst. I guess d reason is minority of us taking computing majoring while d rest was chem + bio majoring. So it causes us seem like not close to each other.

Not to mention some of my friends having rapidly change in attitude. 1 of them become super desperado (i mean desperade) and keep flirting girl around my school. He even tried to flirt my dear in front of me summor. Including this early year, he pissed off alot my primary friends. I din hate him, juz dun like his stupid attitude. He was wearing fake mask to continue his life.

Another friends who use to help me alot change too. i guess i kinda hate her coz her selfish, arrogant + irresponsible attitude. I guess due to that factor v nv contact to each others until today. So, a question for myself. Is that a big deal for me? I'll say so! I am tired wif all this stuff. I believe in everyone life friends will come and go. So what a big deal? I'll just continue my life.

Being as F6 student quite challenging. I learnt alot and i nv regret joining f6. However the most tough part for me is to rush Editorial Board work during before STPM trial and STPM.

* Upper Six Science Two (U6S2) *

If you guys still remember, i said i joined f6 to search for answer, my future career. So i guess, if not because i knew my dear, i m still uncertain what to do. I might have not study at UCSI now..i might went to UTM for Multimedia Designer..or i'll follow my parent force study at HELP for business course.

I would like to say that my dear is d 1 who gave me time, courage and support to study this field, 3D Animation. Her apperance in my life reli affected me alot. Thanks for everything my dear...I'll prove to you that i can do it and i wun disappoint u.

After unofficially graduate (again!!) from pre-U, i started to work at Diners Club and then change to UTS (An insurance company). All the moment i work at UTS, i can see every human selfish side. Just because all of them wanna achieve target and get commission, they dun reli bother on Insurance Ethic. I work as QA (Quality Assurance) that time and i always wanted to make sure all staffs are doing d right work. When i as them correct thier mistake, they are so arrogant and so sure that they never make a mistake and refuse to correct it. The reason is when they call d CM and correct it back, they affraid CM will cancel thier plan and cause them lost thier sales and commission. This happen to my best friends too who work at there.

So this shown that money really have power to hynopsis human. It cause human become greed and lost thier sense. Eventhough i know money can buy everything, but money is not everything.

However, my contract wif UTS ended on May this year and i begin my uni life at UCSI and i choose 3D Animation courses. It reli took me alot time and courage to persuade my parent to let me study this field or else they might sent me to study at HELP for business course adi (they dun allow me join UTM )


So, here is d moment where i gotta fight and work hard for my future. I have roughly plan for my future 1 piece by 1 piece. I hope after i settle my own future plan, it is time for me to merge my future wif my dear until it complete as a puzzle.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Freak

Today morning i actually already decided not going Su Li and Yong Sim birthday party at TS. So this morning i wear kinda cincai, wear sandal to uni i went moral studies class as usual on 0800 hours. Then gabriel appear without bringing anything, like so relax. When i told him i dowan go her birthday and wanna attend drawing class, he suddenly change his plan too and follow me attend drawing class. So we'll go TS after 1300 hours.

Well, today drawing class like usual, kinda bored. V r required to draw an illusion optics drawing. So v set out object (pic at below) and started our work.

After finish set, v started out work. I done my drawing roughly 1130 and what to do next? i juz sat around class and chit chating..waiting time pass
So after time hit 1300 hours, me, gabriel and usaid went to LRT station by UCSI shuttle. Then v waited for train to our destination. Usaid drop by at Chan Sow Lin Station and both of us drop at Hang Tuah.

We reach Time Square at 1400 hours. At 1st me and him refuse to enter Neway (they all already inside Neway) because they only sing until 1500 hours. But Su Li said she ordered food and reserve for our place adi. So being no choice, both of us enter d room. There are 8 ppl in d room which are me, gabriel, su li, eng kiat, yong sim and 3 su li friends from UTAR (Chun Hua, Siu Kim and Zhi Wei).

At the instant i enter d room, i get my lunch first because i was so damn hungry. But i manage to sing few songs before d time limit which are Shuo Ni Ai Wo (Wilber Pan), Lu Tai Wan (Wilber Pan), Melodi (Ling Yu Zhong & Sheila Majid) and Oi Bak Gau (Raymond Lam). So before time limit, they dedicated few birthday song for our both birthday girls.

As i know, Su Li bought d birthday cake with her own, i reli nv c ppl who so freak wif thier own birthday until willing to buy cake for own -,-...oh well...

After finish eating, and time limit already reach, no one kick us out yet. So all of us took few pictures before v went out.

SO after finish Sing K, all of them wanted to take sticker picture, gabriel refuse to take so he went back by himself. So all of us move to Sg Wang and take pic, my second

After enough of taking pics, Eng Kiat suggested to watch movie. So all of us wantd to move back to TS but tat time was rain heavily. Only me, Zhi Wei and Siu Kim brought umbrella and since v have 7 ppl, so 1 muz sacrifies adi (No umbrella! XD) who is Eng Kiat (Coz he wore a jacket that have rain cap). But no point, i wif umbrella also get wet badly at d shoulder,back and pants..duh..
So as soon as v reach back TS, v checked for any movie suitable and available to watch. Ended up v choose Madagascar 2 which is on 1750 hours. But Su Li and Yong Sim dowan to go back that late, so finally both main character leave us and only 5 of us who remained watch movie.
I never watch d 1st Madagascar movie, but i guess i can adapt d movie. is kinda nice and funny. I reli love thier effect ecspecially d background. It totally looks so realistic. I wish someday i can do this result out =).
So after d movie, v ahad our dinner at Sek Hou restaurant before we went back. Wow i went back roughly 2000 hours...So on d way back to Star LRT, i gave a call to my dear and told her my experience today.
My dear is coming back next week! Miss her so much. I'll spend all my hols wif her for sure!