Monday, November 24, 2008

Assignment War : Day 1

Last sat i juz bought a new thing for my hair, known as Moving Rubber.
Then on sun, my sis help me do my hair and it cause me.....LOOKS LIKE LALA! OMG! lol...too hiperbola adi and i cant accept it this morning i try an experiment on d experiment :



Cool? I hope so XD. So i wif d WTF hair went to Uni as usually today for painting class. Today is my painting class final assignment. V requirement to use Acrylic Color to paint on Illustration Board. FIY, Illustration Board was bigger than A1 paper!! OMG!! So damn big!!

*Comparison between A3 and Illustration Board*

So all of us brought our own picture for painting. I brought a semi-snow mountain scenary. After that, for a sudden Mr Rini ask us to get a human figure pic to attach into d scenary. It was like a photoshop d picture but not using software, but manually. So since mine is snow mountain, i managed to found Boa pic, wearing winter clothes. It 100% match d scenary! hahaha! lucky me..

So we started our painting and GOSH!!! D board is so so so so BIG!! Juz paint for d half board already kill me! I spend more than 3 hours juz to paint d 1st layer. I use alot green tube today and..guess what? My green tube KO adi...hahahaha...d whole board take over my 1 green tube sad...!!

*My green tube...sigh*

So all of us couldn't finish d painting on time. So being no choice all of us have to carry d thing back to our home to continue d work. V going to submit this assign by next week or 8th dec. I wanna finish it as soon as possible so tat i no need purposely come on 8th dec coz v already hols tat

So i carry this board and when i taking putra, d stupid LRT on breakdown again! Luckily it doesnt stop for 20 min on each station instead 5 min..phew! Or else i'll die of sweating and anger...hahaha..Imagine carry a giant object and u get trap inside LRT...sure piss u

*My painting...havent finish 1st layer and*

This coming wed is Drawing class final assign. I guess i going to choose human figure =)...wish me luck!!