Thursday, November 27, 2008

Assignment War : Day 4

damnit! i wanted to update my blog yesterday nite but for a sudden streamyx having a maintenance at my area, causing me dc! T___T...

So what happen yesterday? Yesterday was Day 3 for our assignment war! Yesterday v have our drawing assign. As i mention b4, i wanted to do human figure, so finally i choose Wilber Pan, punya poster as my model XD...yesterday 3 hours at class couldn't complete d whole drawing. I leave my drawing in class and rush back to home to cotinue my coloring report & slide because d due was today, hehe..

*Wilber Pan poster*

* I just done half..does it looks like him already? XD *

Today is fourth day for assign war, i having 2 assign due which is drawing (yesterday work) and coloring as well as coloring presentation. This morning i reach uni kinda early, around 0830. As soon as i reach, i can felt d heat around fourth floor..even in our studio! Omg! Those idiot nv on air cond! So i was sweating badly until 1200 then only they on d air cond >,<.... At the instant i reach studio this morning, i went to continue my drawing. Heh, it took me quite long to finish it but i m quite satisfied wif everything except d face...he doesnt looks like Wilber Pan,wuwuwu...i guess he is Wilber Pan after plastic surgery or 10 years later XD...

* My Pan Wei Bo! *

After drawing class over, everyone become very excited about presentation for coloring class later. All of us (Me,gabriel,suli,usaid & weihong) went to lunch at block A. After getting our lunch, v went back to studio and started to change clothes. I even brought my moving rubber to style my hair (i woke up late this morning and i din style my hair, causing me looks like old apek XD).

After 1430, Ms Anida entered class and our presentation begin. I started the presentation 1st and i guess i kinda satisfies wif my performance. I never get nervous but i think i "blow" too much "water" adi..haha

anyway overall everyone did good! Well done! Good job!

* All presentors..Dhayana wif d WTF hat XD *

After presentation over, all of us feel so relieved and v camwhore around! i love taking pic and i pose like mad today! here our pictures!

* Phew, finally is over!*

* Me and Yousof *

* Us again in difference angle *

* Me and Usaid, the blackie *

* Before we left the studio *

* Weirdo, 3 of the kind *

* All of us including Miss Anida *

* All of us again, in formal way *

Finally 2 assign down! Left painting i still felt d Illustration board bloody big! i gonna complete it b4 next mon so tat i can submit on time..wish me luck everyone!


Usaid figure out some funny fact on Gabriel pendrive. Lets have a look.

Which is the actual penguin design?


Or maybe....


Hahah! Figure it out urself if u get d joke =P


eVa said...

haha. i noticed the difference of the penguin before and after!
the wilber pan turns out to be hmmm..

Jackie Loi said...

lol i know is not him....XD