Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Freak

Today morning i actually already decided not going Su Li and Yong Sim birthday party at TS. So this morning i wear kinda cincai, wear sandal to uni i went moral studies class as usual on 0800 hours. Then gabriel appear without bringing anything, like so relax. When i told him i dowan go her birthday and wanna attend drawing class, he suddenly change his plan too and follow me attend drawing class. So we'll go TS after 1300 hours.

Well, today drawing class like usual, kinda bored. V r required to draw an illusion optics drawing. So v set out object (pic at below) and started our work.

After finish set, v started out work. I done my drawing roughly 1130 and what to do next? i juz sat around class and chit chating..waiting time pass
So after time hit 1300 hours, me, gabriel and usaid went to LRT station by UCSI shuttle. Then v waited for train to our destination. Usaid drop by at Chan Sow Lin Station and both of us drop at Hang Tuah.

We reach Time Square at 1400 hours. At 1st me and him refuse to enter Neway (they all already inside Neway) because they only sing until 1500 hours. But Su Li said she ordered food and reserve for our place adi. So being no choice, both of us enter d room. There are 8 ppl in d room which are me, gabriel, su li, eng kiat, yong sim and 3 su li friends from UTAR (Chun Hua, Siu Kim and Zhi Wei).

At the instant i enter d room, i get my lunch first because i was so damn hungry. But i manage to sing few songs before d time limit which are Shuo Ni Ai Wo (Wilber Pan), Lu Tai Wan (Wilber Pan), Melodi (Ling Yu Zhong & Sheila Majid) and Oi Bak Gau (Raymond Lam). So before time limit, they dedicated few birthday song for our both birthday girls.

As i know, Su Li bought d birthday cake with her own, i reli nv c ppl who so freak wif thier own birthday until willing to buy cake for own -,-...oh well...

After finish eating, and time limit already reach, no one kick us out yet. So all of us took few pictures before v went out.

SO after finish Sing K, all of them wanted to take sticker picture, gabriel refuse to take so he went back by himself. So all of us move to Sg Wang and take pic, my second

After enough of taking pics, Eng Kiat suggested to watch movie. So all of us wantd to move back to TS but tat time was rain heavily. Only me, Zhi Wei and Siu Kim brought umbrella and since v have 7 ppl, so 1 muz sacrifies adi (No umbrella! XD) who is Eng Kiat (Coz he wore a jacket that have rain cap). But no point, i wif umbrella also get wet badly at d shoulder,back and pants..duh..
So as soon as v reach back TS, v checked for any movie suitable and available to watch. Ended up v choose Madagascar 2 which is on 1750 hours. But Su Li and Yong Sim dowan to go back that late, so finally both main character leave us and only 5 of us who remained watch movie.
I never watch d 1st Madagascar movie, but i guess i can adapt d movie. is kinda nice and funny. I reli love thier effect ecspecially d background. It totally looks so realistic. I wish someday i can do this result out =).
So after d movie, v ahad our dinner at Sek Hou restaurant before we went back. Wow i went back roughly 2000 hours...So on d way back to Star LRT, i gave a call to my dear and told her my experience today.
My dear is coming back next week! Miss her so much. I'll spend all my hols wif her for sure!