Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Early Bird Presentation

Finally! Moral presentation over! My group, known as RAINY was the first and only group who present today! Hahaha...man it sound so funny! Only my group who wear formal today and d others student wear casual. Everyone looking at us seem shock. It seem like v are monkey who doing free show in class..hahaha

Oh well, as i mention on my previous post, i dont have script. i dunno what i present for my part. so this morning i reach uni on 0730 hours and i expect ruoping and yihung to came early (coz all the presentation slide and laptop was wif them) but...sigh, they din came early, but late! Duh..so at d very short period, i summon their laptop and slide show to check my script..

Then my lecturer was enter class late and guess what? she dun even remember my group going to present today..lol..make us a bunch of monkey sit there, shacking. Gabriel,kelwin,ruoping and yihung shacking coz they nervous. Me? i shacking co zi din PREPARE! How the heck i suppose not nervous!

So ended up i have to bring the script to the stage and present, sigh..it was so not my style! Usually i do presentation spontaneous...lol

so overall i think my group ok (dun count everyone nervous part) except kelvin. he is so damn shy and speak so so so so super shy..sigh...what a "great" guy v have in the group. Study his history abit, alot ppl doesnt like him due to his "no common sense" problem. Same goes to me, i din hate him, but juz dun like him and felt he kinda annoying.

At the beginning of Moral studies class when lecturer ask us choose our group member, i never thought oof choosing him. but he forcefully joined into my group. guess how? he was sitting beside me that time and he keep asking me "so i am in your group ah?"...i can tell u, he repeat this quote for more than 10 times XD...at 1st v ignore him..but have to give up at d end becoz of his super more annoying than pak por attitude -,-...

But nevermind, since v r d 1st group to present, Ms Dayang not so strict on marking scheme..i guess my group get kinda high marks. Well, hopefully XD..oh yea, my group did include a video for our presentation. I guess this video is made by MMU student XD..is kinda hilarious (however MS Dayang said us not creative enough coz steal ppl video. She would like to see us act in the video -,-)..check it out guys!

tomorrow drawing class, we will having a trip to dunno what forest and waterfall XD..well, finally human figure lecturer end and now is landscape. I'll take more pic and camwhore (YES! I LOVE CAMWHORE! Who said only girl allow to camwhore? XD ) to show u guys!