Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mr Ho Kok Chiew Retirement

Yesterday night Pn Chew sms me, told me that Mr Ho Retirement Ceremony will begin on 1015 hours. then Nicole mum, Pn Chen told me 1000 hours, Pn srina told Joe 0900 hours, told tee 0930 hours and me 1000 hours XD...

So, yesterday night i finally prepare the present for him. It was from me, tee and joe =)..oh well, same present as Pn Tan last time..hahaha..

So finally! today is d day i went back SHS and join Mr Ho retirement function. He suppose to retire last year (my batch) but he delay it until today. Well, to be honest Mr Ho is one of the teacher i respected eventhough he nag us everytime in class XD.
After a long discussion, finally all of us (me,joe and tee) decided to wait at bus stop at 0930 hours. Joe come and fetch me on 0910 hours. As soon as v reach there, v lepak around d school and chit chating a while with Mr Jamali and Mr Rahim. Then we saw Pn Tan Hoi Siam car as well at d entrance, so v tod wanna look for her but fail. Finally v all saw Pn Tan and Mr Ho was in d canteen.

The function begin roughly on 1030 hours. Mr Ho already saw us from far and wave his hand on us, wow he still can recorgnize us !

Oh well, after abit of speech from MC, Head Prefect and Head of PIBG, there was a performance lead by Pn Chew! Pn Chew wore Korean custome and dance their traditional dance. As soon as Pn Chew go up to the stage, we all (me, joe, tee, kuokweng,kuokhong and kimming) shout "I Love You Pn Chew" so damn loud was so funny! I think Pn Chew also paiseh adi.

After the performance, is speech by Mr Ho. During that time, i went to toilet so i din heard what d 1st part he said. But at the instant i back from toilet, i heard Mr Ho speak Malay and said "Saya percaya sekiranya saya menggunakan bahasa inggeris, ia boleh meng-effective-kan perasaan saya". after that, he started to speak in eng liao XD (as v all know, he cant speak well in malay..haha). Mostly his speech is about complaining student thing XD...but when come to his feeling part, he juz talk abit and he seem very "cold"
After his speech, the Cake Cutting ceremony begin. Oh for u all information, tomorrow is Mr Ho birthday as well! So all of us sing happy birthday song to him. As i can see, Mr Ho is very happy and touch (he macam mau nangis adi) but he still keep acting "cold"..haha

I would like to display abit Mr Ho background to u guys =)
* i adapted it from today booklet. It was in BM
Mr Ho Kok Chiew dilahirkan di Pulau Pinang pada 7 November 1952. Beliau mendapat pendidikan awal di Pykett Methodist School, Pulau Pinang. Seterusnya, Beliau mendapat pendidikan menengah di Methidist Boys School,Pulau Pinang. Kemudian, beliau melanjutkan pelajaran di Universiti Sains Malaysia dalam bidang Sains. Beliau telah berkhidmat sebagai guru selama 31 tahun 6 bulan (I strongly believe that he as teacher in SHS for the first and last).
After that is performance from student and teacher.

* Sajak from student and teacher *

* Donica sister, performing Poem *
* Souvenier from Pn HS Tan *

* Present from us =) *

* Present from Kuok Hong and Kim Ming *

* Indian dance *

* Singing *

* Performance from U6S2 & U6S3 *
* Here we go! Ying Wei sing again! lol *

* The malay is invisible. Me and Tham *

* Me with all my junior *
After the performance, is photography session where Mr Ho took pic wif all the staff, student and Ex-student.

After the photography session, all of us lead Mr Ho to front entrance and he sit in the car and leave the school.
Alot people cried (mostly female student) when he about to leave the school with the car.

So after the function dismiss, i went to say good bye to Miss Ting, Tham and his gang, Pn Chen and Pn Chew. Later, me, joe and tee went to get out lunch on Six Noodle House.
Mr Ho is going to S'pore tmrw to find his son (heard from tham). Well, all d best Mr Ho. Thanks for everything =)
Extra : As i expected, all student and teacher surprice seeing me XD..Ms Ting said i change image adi. Pn HS Tan said my hair longer than her XD..same goes to Pn Chen. Han Chiang said my hair getting longer and longer each time he c me XD ..haha..