Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old Time Buddy 2008

i cant believe that today i did something stupid for d 1st time. I woke up on 5am..supposely plan to do my work but ended up..go steal mirror from toilet and started to style my hair...FYI i juz cut my hair yesterday and like apek this morning i research my hair how to style it and it ended up i spend 1 hour to style it..finally got and outcome and i force to use wax on it..XD

so err...let u guys judge my new least no longer gay image ok! =P

so today class like usual, drawing class...damn bored with d work. Su Li is going to celeb her birthday tmrw at time square on alot of us going to skip tmrw drawing class on 10am..hahaha..i plan to skip actually..bcoz i wanna sing K and bowling also..but ended up i have to FFK her for some reason...
Yesterday Frank ask me for a lunch at MV today. So after class i went to Tasik Selatan, then wait for KTM direct to MV for roughly 20 min. I reach MV ngam ngam 1400 hours (same time as i promise him to meet) i called him when i reach and ask him where to meet, so it was at Mc D. At the instant i heard Mc D, my brain straight away response to d Mc D outside d cinema. So i went to there but i din saw him! And i called him again.
Me : Where r u oh?
Frank : Mc D la! Din saw me meh?
Me : I also at Mc D ah, but din saw u geh?
Frank : I at the d place sell ice-cream there.
*walk to d ice cream seller*
Me : Tarak pun?
Frank : Where r u oh?
Me : Mc D la. Outside d round about.
Frank : Got round about de meh?
Me : Got! SO big summor. In front d cinema ma.
Frank : Ceh! I at lower ground Mc D la.
Me : Aiyoyo..ok la i come find u now...
so paiseh, i forgot lower ground still got 1 Mc D. So i went down and meet him at Burger King. FYI, he juz finish his final exam at UM and he going back hols to sabah tmrw. So v ate our lunch at Burger King and chit chatting for very long. Mostly we are talking about ppl, our primary school friend and some our childhood. Well, v 2 are facing d same prob, alot primary frenz started to dissappear and lost contact. What a pity, but seriously, v 2 started dun care so much. cant do anything about it anyway.
So after sit there for more than 2 hours chit chatting, finally v move away out butt from d warm chair. He asked me wether wanna go pool onot. I agree wif him since i wanted to play for it long time ago, it was a first time for me.
The payment was kinda cheap, RM3 per game. So v play for 2 game where d 1st game is for me to practise how to i noob, i play quite well XD..but yet still lose to him la since he seem like so pro..haha..but 1 thing i dun like inside this pool is everyone stay longer in here reli can take away my life

anyway after finished the game, it was already 1700 hours. So i went back Wangsa Maju by KTM and he went back his hostel by bus.
though alot of our frenz disappear, but there are still plenty of them v reli did keep in touch. Vic, William, Yvonne, Sooyan, Suetyee, Peiying and.....
i think tats all d usually who show up thier face during gathering XD...anyway v r planning a gathering during end of this year. So hopefully can c all of u guys =)