Monday, November 03, 2008

Painting + Drawing = Presentation

Alright, it have been a time since i show off my painting skill since last time XD..what to do, i gotta train up myself to be the best so that i able to show u guys my hidden talent here come my latest painting. I did it for almost 4 hours yesterday at home (It show that how slacking i am..this task was given by my lecturer b4 deepavali...sigh)

Yupz! V are learning to paint human figure now. Though my work not so perfect yet, but i believe i m improving (alot say so XD). Few more lesson to go for painting class, i believe i can do it! This work suppose to hand out to lecturer today but he cancel his, i m totally free gaming d whole day in house ~___~..

However this morning i went to Central Market. If u guys still recall, i went Central Market last sat to order a portrait for Mr Ho. Well, i'll keep d best for d last i juz show u guys partial part of Mr Ho.

How? His eyes sexy leh! Can "shock" u until faint XD..hahaha

Thats all for today!


OMG! Tmrw is Moral Studies presentation! I havent get any script for myself i have to "jap sang" adi..sigh..i swear to myself..Next time muz choose "kakilang" as team member eyes to c those "kukulang" felor

Wish me luck for tmrw presentation! i reli need it coz i dun have proper script! >,<...!!

Jia you jackie!