Saturday, November 01, 2008

Shopping Spree!

Mr Ho Kok Chiew retirement is this coming thurs! So me, Tee and Joe decided to buy him a present. FInally v made up (lying) our mind of getting him a portrait of himself like what tee get for Pn Tan last time.

I am going out today, so i might as well go Central Market to get the portrait for Mr Ho. So at afternoon, Paula come and fetch me at Wangsa Maju LRT to bring me to the Art Shop near her house, Taman Melawati. The reason i went to art shop is to get Acrylic colour. I tried to search every corner nearby my area but i fail to get. So finally i found at The Taman Melawati Art Shop.

* The Art Shop *

At 1st i tod to get an Acrylic Colour only. But the more i explore the shop, the more thing i bought at last i bought Acrylic Colour, Brush and a Pallets (My pallets can throw into rubbish bin adi). Since Paula is a member for that shop, she help me to get discount for d items i bought. Wow! It get cheap alot =)..tha alot Paula!

* Brush size 1 *

* Pallet *

* Acrylis Colour Alpha Brand *

After finish shopping at d art shop, v went to get our lunch at nearby shop. She ordered Chee Cheong Fun (Guess is her fav since he mention is last few nite ~__~) and i ordered Pan Mee (Wei! This reli my favourite XD...recently i love to eat mee more than rice..XD). So v chit chatting in d shop, gossiping someone (if someone sneeze today mean u r d victim la..XD). After that she sent me back to Wangsa Maju LRT.

I took LRT to Pasar Seni. So here come my very 1st solo journey at Pasar Seni. To be honest i just been here few times and d latest time i at here is wif my dear. She is d 1 who guide me everywhere so this time i gotta explore myself. Luckily i din lost in the maze and i manage to found those artist "shelter". I look around and finally requested one of them to draw Mr Ho portrait. I gave them school magazine that has Mr Ho pic. So everything settle and i'll got to get d drawing roughly 1~2 days later.

After that i went to Phonefair that located outside central market entrance. I cant c any cheap thing around there except Memory Card (correct me if i m wrong. It have been long time since i updated phone accessories). I saw they sell MicroSD card 1GB (RM15), 2GB (RM20) and 4GB (RM40). They also sell M2 card for 1GB (RM25), 2GB (RM40) and 4GB (RM60). So i bought a 2GB MicroSD card for my dearest Nokia phone, hehe..after that i head back to wangsa maju, for next location!

* My 2GB MicroSD ^^ *

After i reach to Wangsa Maju, i went to the shop tat located behind Wangsa Maju Police Station. I went to the Frame shop (I think the name was some kind Pameran Seni Bingkai) to make a A3 size frame to put Mr Ho portrait inside. Within 20 min i ordered the frame, i got it from them. Quite efficient la but i kinda dont like the worker attitude. The way they serve me as if they wanna kick me out from the shop..duh!

* Inside the frame shop *

* Mr Ho portrait Frame *

So mission accomplish except Mr Ho portrait. I need return there on mon or tues to get his portrait. Anyway today i spend quite alot money..on Mr Ho Present, stationary, LRT Monthly Pass and reload card. Reli can broke adi me XD...

Looking forward to back SHS to attend Mr Ho retirement function. Cant wait to c him..wonder what will be his reaction when he see me....will he still nag me? will he scold me for not studying engineering XD? hahaha..