Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday Blue

Dear reader,

My trips for today class cancelled due to stupid reason. Our lecturer told us tat UCSIU shuttle service required us to pay RM180 for d transportation..WTF! I tod they suppose let us use d shuttle service for FOC since is under sponser by my last v stay at UCSIU for drawing.

Today i was totally not in d mood of drawing. Mr Khairul ask us get a perspective around UCSIU to draw. So all of us wonder around..draw draw last i juz draw 3 drawing..but i m abit pissed off la coz Mr Khairul asked us to sketch only. After v return back to class, he ask us y din use charcoal..then he ask u to use charcoal..duh..since i m not in d mood, i simply do my

Besides, while wondering around UCSIU, finally i get to go inside GYM for the first time..well i kinda love d gym. quite big and, BASKETBALL COURST was available! OMG! I wish i could play everyday =(...but due to some reason i cant..sigh..


* Badminton Court *

* A view from Gym *

* Another View frm Gym *

* Pity Yusof. Have to sit on the stair to sketch...*

After class over, all of us went berserk + insane and started to camwhore around..XD

Since the trip was cancelled, all of us have no plan after class. So Su Li suggested to watch movie, The Coffin at Leisure Mall. So 7 of us (me, gabriel, suli, usaid, weihong, yusof and dhayana) went there for a movie. V reach there at 1330 hours, but the movie already started. So v rush to counter and get the tics.
The movie already started half way when v entered. Well overall the movie kinda sucks! It was 1st time i disappointed on Thai horror was too lame and not scary enough XD..i guess is because they mix with HK actor. Oh yea beside, d movie length juz about 70 minutes.. A very unworthy movie to watch =(
Beside, all of us realise 1 of d actor in d movie looks liek Rajeev! just difference skin colors. The actor is Andrew Lin, HK actor. Lets check it out pic at below, Andrew Lin VS Rajeev

So after movie, all of us went back. It was raining that time..i and usaid took cab until Tasik Selatan station.

Well kinda disappointed that d trips cancelles. But nvm la..Tmrw i m going to skip class! Cant wait to back to SHS! I wanna c all junior and teachers, ecspecially Mr Ho! Ying Wei told me today Mr Ho packing all his thing adi..hehe
Well will update my blog again tmrw!

Notes : I figure out my uni toilet is more sucks than my secondary, SHS -,-...check it out.. i dunno how d hell those MALE pee! F**king digusting!