Monday, December 01, 2008

Assignment War : Day 8

Remember my painting assignment? remember that bloody giant gigantic size of illustrator board? Guess what? I FINALLY complete d PAINTING in studio today! hahahaha...

it was reli tough but i quite satisfied wif d outcome =)...Mr Rini asked us to submit within this i brought back home and plan to submit it on this coming wednesday. Anyway, reli thx alot to Mr Rini for teaching me patiently. He reli open my eyes.

I from a noob (who dunno use water color) now have become amateur in painting, haha..i guess not bad for my skill as now. Any1 interested buy my painting? haha..

* 2nd Phase of my painting *

* Final Phase. I still need edit her hair *
* My subject, finally revealed to u guys =P *

* All of us *

Saw the pic above? does v all seem like the winner for coloring/painting/drawing contest? what are our prize? oh well, it was...everyone manage to pass painting subject! hahaha..

Anyway, painting class officially ended. Now left drawing class and next week will be my final exam. I was in hols mood adi now..cant wait to spend my time wif my dear!