Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bowling & Movie for today

today supposely going out wif suli,engkiat,weihong & usaid. ended up 2 ffk and left usaid & suli. So 3 of us went to play bowling at TS. u all notice recently i play alot bowling..well, i juz dunno y i love to play. I reach TS kinda early today. d date suppose on 1100 but i reach on 1000. so i went to borders and get myself some books to read. i read some cooking book. after that i change to dog book.

usaid sms me on 1050 and told me he reach adi. so both of us went to 5th floor and wait for suli. she told me she parking her car when i call her. after waot for 20 min, i call her again and she told me she at 1st floor. after 10 min then only she appear at 5th!

so 3 of us went for bowling without hesitating. at 1st v play 2 games each. as usual, 1st game alwiz a warm up for me. for me to test which ball weight suitable for me. so 1st game, usaid won and i get last.,omg! hahaha...2nd game i tie wif usaid. so v go add extra 1 more game and this time i manage to revenge! i won usaid and suli got last! hahaha..

after finish play bowling, v went to cinema n check what movie available..i just realise i watch alot movie recently and there are not much choises left for me. it is either Transporter 3 or Space Chimp. but all of us felt that Speace Chimp is stupid movie, so v choose transporter 3.haha..v bought d tics for time 1355. since v still have 1 hours time, v went for lunch.

i suggested to eat at food court. but now i swear i forever wun step my foot to TS food courst anymore! It was so damn expensive! i eat nasi campur and took 3 dishes, that malay woman count me RM8++! WTF! I saw a customer who is malay queue in front me took alot dishes and she count her Rm5+ only..whats up? izzit face problem? or racist? sigh..i rather spend my RM8+ eat KFC! hahaha..

after getting lunch v head to cinema for movie. i never watch transporter 1 and 2 b4, but luckily d movie doesnt have conenction wif previous. is kinda nice d movie, after movie, all of us went back home. so tats all for today outing. it doesnt have any special thing..juz bowling,lunch & movie..simple and

og yea b4 i forgot. i bought a new package of Ranger Strike KR Edition Vol 3. here is my latest cards update =)