Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bread Maniac!

today another day of home alone as well as last day for it! yaya! tmrw going to meet all my primary school frenz..hope to c most of them! Yesterday nite i bought bread and i plan to eat bread for today whole day, breakfast,lunch and dinner XD....

anyway there is 1 thing i not sure which is d correct way. I saw my mum alwiz toast the bread 1st then only she apply the marjerin. So what i did today was, something reverse XD...i go apply marjerin 1st and then put inside toaster to d outcome? wei not bad! Taste more nice than apply after toast...i hope some1 said my way is new thing to learn XD..haha

* Majerin *

* Apply it on ur bread *

* Put into ur toaster *

* Ok i know this 1 fail. i toast it too long duration XD *

* Ta daa! The perfect majerin toast bread home made by Jackie *
afternoon i went out for lunch. I bought a Dry Pan Mee as my lunch...ewww! that pan mee totally eating mee maggie kosong or tepung kosong..sigh..i will never go tat shop anymore..was my money..FYI, i love to eat pan mee, but not at this stall. i still prefer pan mee from Six Noodle House! hehehe..they have Kam Heong Fried Pan Mee! So nice =D

after get my lunch, Nikita approach me by MSN. she requested me to make a database for Sunshine Club (i think d name is something like that). i agree wif her request lol..but of coz this world nth is free XD..i'll let her know what my condition later..hahaha...but then she told me she dun have msf access. since i m god damn free, i went to her house and install access to her. So finally i get to see her new image, she curl her hair..hahaha..

* Nikita PC. Guess whose hand is tat!? =P *

after that i went back home and continue on9 and gaming...nth much to do!! So bored! then suddenly something came out my mind! i plan to mix bread and egg together and fry it. So i quickly go kitchen and get ready all ingredient. unfortunately, when i try to open the fire............nth happen -, my operation fail..sigh

but i never give uo my will! i change my resipe by buy 2 pieces of fried egg from mamak stall. So for dinner, i apply milk on bread and put the egg on it. So here come! Milky Egg bread! muahahhaa...i know it sound crazy but wei! it taste nice..egg + milk combination! hahha..

* Apply milk to bread surface *

* Put fried egg on top of it and get ready to eat! muahahaha *