Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Home Alone

This morning i went to get breakfast with my dear and WengYi. I fetch my dear in d morning then went to Desa to find WengYi. i park my car in front her house and v walked to nearby shop.

after the breakfast, i fetch my dear back to her house. My parent are going to S'pore today until mon. They suppose to take taxi from house to Kl Central and take KTM to go s'pore. But at the instant i reach home after fecthed my dear, they told me their Taxi driver FFK them adi.

So being no choice, i fetch them to Wangsa Maju LRT station. I guess they are taking LRt to KL Central or mayb take cab from there, i am HOME ALONE! Nth much to do at dead bored! On9 but no one chat wif me..sigh

oh yea i bought a screen protector for my beloved HP..but it wasn't same as d 1 i saw at youtube. Any1 know where i can get tat kind of screen protector, pls lemme know =)

i just realise a there is a big mirror in my room now. My dad just install it yesterday and i never realise. So finally i owned a mirror in my room! I can camwhore! muahahahha..sound like girl XD..

ANyway Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully this will be most joyful christmas to u all =D