Friday, December 26, 2008

Ghost appear midnight! YES!

As i mention in my previous post, my parent went to S'pore adi. So i was staying alone now. Around 0255 hours this early bird, both of my dog, blacky and beagle was howling. i was sleeping tat time and been woke up by d scary howling. At 1st i heard blacky howled, then it stop followed by beagle howl. Omg so scary! as i know dog will only howl when they saw a very attractive female dog (mean they get horny XD) or they saw ghost.

at 1st i still very blur, so i went out and scold beagle. then beagle saw me it start barking. not barking on my direction but on the kitchen there. at the instant, i tod "Sei fo lo (die lo)! got thief!?" i quickly,steadily and abit scare go to the kitchen there and switch on all the light. I din saw anything but beagle still keep barking. I quickly go switch on all the possible light in my house including toilet but i saw no one. beagle still keep barking. then i tod "OMG! GHOST!!!???"....ahhhh so scary!!

i tried to ignore it and quickly run back room to sleep. but beagle keep being no choice, i open all light and finally beagle stop barking to the kitchen. so nth to do..i on9 at midnite and read manga..when i saw beagle sleep adi, i slowly went back my room to continue sleep but beagle woke up again and keep barking when he din saw me..OMG! what m i suppose to do? finally i make a decision to sleep on the living room, the chair..sigh, this is my very 1st experience sleep at living room and on the chair. I doesnt sleep much too coz beagle keep woke up and barking...damn! until i woke up this morning on 0730, i have terrible back pain!

since i woke up adi, i quickly go do house work. Then i get ready myself to change. Eh going where? Well i m going MV wif Suetyee & Meiling for movie and shopping (they shopping not me). So i went LRT station by Taxi and costed me RM3.80. I met Suetyee at there and Meiling at Setiawangsa station.

* My hair is getting long. very hair to style..sigh *

i guess this world kinda small also, i met David (UTS Team Leader, colleague of mine last time) in the same train. So i chit chat wif him until he reach his destination, Pasar Seni and we are heading to Kl Central to change to KTM.

As soon as we reach MV, we went to upper floor to redeem our movie tics, YES MAN! The movie start at 1340 and we have plenty of time (almost 2 hours), so we walk around while suetyee shopping her stuff. She couldn't get any sweater and shoe she like so she ended up juz bought 3 guitar picks.

* Decoration in MV *

* Decoration in MV *

After walk for more than 1 hours, we went to get our lunch at Sushi King. WOW! Sushi king so many ppl! almost full house. besides i realise MV branch customer services kinda bad. They never refill or add new sushi at the conveyor belt. Our order was only been served after 30 mins. So at last becoz of time limit, we cancel our 2 order. Sigh, i din get to eat my favourite INARI today T___T...

so after dinner we quickly rush to cinema for movie. hm well, overall this movie not bad. it has moral value behind it which it everyone have to face and make their decision sincerely base on their heart. It is very true and i applied it long time ago. So tats d reason why i treat some ppl so bad and some so good,hehe..

So after movie, we went to KLCC to search for book at Kinokuniya. Meiling wanted to buy Twilight novel but ended up fail bcoz sold out. I saw few novel related to dog too which are "Merley and Me" and " A Dog Called Christmas"..i plan to buy this both novel on my next time visit.

* Decoration in KLCC *

After visit klcc, all of us went back. I went back to wangsa maju wif suetyee and take cab back to my house. OMG I totally worn out! So tired because not enuf sleep..sigh..i hope tonite beagle wun howl and bark again..i dowan sleep on chair again! ahhhh!!


renaye said...

wah so scary!!! so did ur beagle still bark the next day?

there was one time i could not sleep for 3 days after watching ju-on, the original version of the grudge. i could feel something wanting to come into my room for the next 3 nights. it was awful. i slept with the lights on for 3 nights and all my hallmates thought i was studying all night!