Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today i m going out again! haha! so i went to TS,Sg Wang & PV wif suli,zhiwei and reeve. This early morning i reach at TS and waiting for d rest. While waiting, i went to 5th floor games store where sell alot model and cards games. So i found they got sell Ranger Strike cards! Omg! I have been searching this card for so long! Being uncontrollable and berserk, i bought Ranger Strike, Kamen Rider Expension Vol 3 deck! inside d deck contain 40 cards of kamen rider! yay! I m so happy..i gonna search at net and learn how to play this game! This will b my 2nd fav card games after Yu-Gi-Oh.

After that, all of them reach almost 1145 at 5th floor. v went to play bowling 1st. At 1st i tod v will have few game but mana tau juz 1, reli potong steam la XD..jk..after tat all of us wanted to watch movie at PV, so v moved to Sg Wang.

V reach Sg Wang almost 1300, so i requested them to wait a while because i wanted to see Kamen Rider Kabuto cosplay! Yesterday i missed it because i wasnt there when went out wif dear, so i wanted to have a look today. When d time 1302, Kabuto & Gatack appear! wooo..alot ppl love Kamen Rider! Kamen Rider rockss! However they juz came out for few min and tats all..haha..

v went to PV and bought tics. V wanted to watch "The day the earth stood still" on 1430 times, but tat time tics already fully sold out. wow guess this movie really interesting. So being no choice, v went to get our lunch 1st at Wong Kok Restaurant. AFter finish our dinner, v go bought tics again for 1610 times.

After that v have a walk at PV to kill d time and went into cinema on times. Heh, d movie was reli interesting but not much alien Reeve spoke mandarin in d movie! haha..after d movie they still wanna walk at Sg Wang, but i went back 1st.

Tmrw i m not going out to Pc Fair wif my dear coz she have to help her aunt at Pc weird..haha..but then i hope tmrw can go out yum cha wif yvonne. will b confirm by her later nite! lol

p/s d pics below are my KR cards. Check it out and enjoy!