Thursday, December 04, 2008

i wan Bolt as my pet!

finally holiday!!! Opsss...too early for me to celebrate coz i still got exam on next tues..hahaha..

today drawing class reli pissed us off to d max and max! that felor said class start on 1100, but then he came on 1200++...and drag our off time until 1415! WTF! it was hi fault to come late! Because of him i late for an appointment (nah, not an important appointment).

anyway this is last day (i hope) i c him but i still showing him WTF face expression when talking wif him. after he went back, all of us went down to find mr teh and complain to him this idiot lecturer..v requested him not to put him as our lecturer for life drawing next sem..

* Thank everything, my coursemate *

anyway after finish complaining, I & Suli went to BTS. During on d way to TS, suddenly rain so heavily. As result of that, v reached TS after 1500 hours. Wow i saw christmas decoration at ts! quite nice..hehe..anyway,at 1st v planned to watch movie, Bolt with Zhi Wei as well. Then mana tau when v reached, ZHi Wei said dowan watch movie instead going to sing k to celebrate Siew Kim birthday. So all of us went to Neway to sing.

I juz sing 2 songs and get my lunch as well until 5pm. After tat i and suli went to watch movie. Oh well, Bolt! it was reli nice least not reli bad..i love bolt so much! he so cute! hahhaa

so after movie, v went back. During on d way back, both of my phone suddenly ran out battery..sigh, being no choice i have to take cab back my home since i cant contact my parent to fetch me.