Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jackie in Home Alone Day 3

It was day 3 since i alone in house. Today dun have any plan and nth much to do. Since i m not going anywhere so i decided to do house! I know it sound so impossible to me but, hey! What did i just said? i can do house work ok! just i lazy do..XD

Yesterday nite beagle did barked again but this time i decided to ignore it and continue sleep. lol..i dunno how long beagle barked but as soon as i woke up this morning, i still can heard it barking..sigh...what a coward + lonely dog.
* Beagle the Cowardly Dog *

So this morning i woke up like usual. 1st thing i did is help beagle and blackie pick-up poop,lol..then i release beagle to play itself at the kitchen there while i go take all my clothes to wash. OMG! if i din watch my clothes today, i wun have clothes to wear anymore! hahaha..

so after finish throw all my dirty clothes to washing machiene, i put back beagle to cage. Next i sweep and mop the floor. It have been 2 days i din mop and sweep,haha...beagle fur was everywhere in my house...gosh if my mum saw i'll b kill! lol..

* Ta daa! The MOP *

* Featuring with the BROOM *

1 hours later, i went to collect my clothes from the washing machine and hang it to let it finally house work done! so what else i need to do? feed beagle,blackie and my fishy during dinner..sigh..
* So many clothes @__@ *

* The half dead clothes XD *

since i m alone now, i dunno what to get for lunch, so i simply went to get Curry Chu Cheong Fun at the restaurant near my house.

* Curry Chu Cheong Fun, cost RM3.50 *

After lunch, i download alot tutorial from net for myself to read when i m free (i know i m very free now..hahaha)..after tat get nap, woke up from nap, went on9, gaming, watch tv, get dinner, feed all my pets, go bath, TV again...gosh! so bored!!

* Beagle dinner *

* Blackie dinner *

* Taking care blackie is more ez than beagle because it more obedient =P *

* Ta daaa! Finaly, last work is feed my fishes *

* My Parrot Fishes. Does they look beatiful and adoreable? *

my parent will coming back on tmrw midnite. after tat i m free from taking care house and pet! XD...i sound so evil..hahaha...anyway i will have reunion among my primary school frenz next mon! reli cant wait to see all of them.


Ice Pony Goddess said...

Your beagle is very cute!

Please give him a blanket to lie on when in the crate, the wires hurt him.

Beagles are high energy dogs that need a lot of attention, love and walking on a leash.

Come join our Happy Tails beagle list!

Here's a link

Hope to see ya there!

Molly, Beagle
Lucy, Aussie Kelpie

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Oh...where did you get the falling snowflakes from? I would like to use that for my blog.


Jackie Loi said...

heh thx...d snow i got it from