Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Macaroni and Cheese VS Chunky Apple Bake

Please notes that all picture on this post was d pic i took today. it was real hand made from us =P

today 3 of us, me, Suetyee & Sooyan "playing" masak-masak..hahaha..we plan to cook Macaroni & Cheese and Chunky Apple Bake. Since all of us lack of ingredients, v decided to get it from Carrefour and cook at Suetyee house.

so, we suppose to meet at carrefour at 1030, but sooyan just woke up on 1000, so operation delayed to 1045. I reach there exact 1045 and suetyee reach at 1055. What about sooyan? she only reach after 1115..lol..we dunno what happen to carrefour supermarket today. They supposely opened around 1000 but it ended up open on 1200..duh so late..causes us have to wait at there. Alot customers are very impatience waiting and i saw some of them complaining to the management.

so without think twice, 3 of us rush and attack carrefour market to get our ingredients. Those ingredients we need are green apples, cheese, macaroni and milk. After finish shopping, suetyee dad fetches us back to her house.

So here come our cooking. Lets review to yous guys what ingredients & instrution needed to cook this two dishes.

Note : Small kid are not allow to cook themself without parent guardian because it involve fire!

Round 1 : Macaroni and Cheese

first of all we need this ingredients :

X cups of milk (X - depend ur portion)
X tablespoon of flour (X - depend ur portion)
X tablespoon of butter (X - depend ur portion)
A package Macaroni (of coz! Duh..)
salt and pepper
shredded mozzarella cheese
extra things such as mushroom,meat or chicken..up to u

1st step :

this is d very basic thing to do. boil water. how to boil water? ok 1st of all, get urself a pot that big enough for you to cook. Put almost 3/4 of water to ur pot and put salt into it. Start ur fire and put ur pot on top of it. Wait until ur water boil. How to determine ur water is boil or not? as ez as chip. Boil until d water got bubble come out. then put ur Macaroni into it and start cook (just as same as u cooking mee maggie..duh)

2nd step :

here v go for another fire job. Get your a frying pan (or saucepan) and stir ur butter inside d pan until it completely melt. After that add flour and continue stir until no lump. Add salt & pepper too for taste. After that, pour milk into ur pan and stir it again until it become thick. After that sprinkle with shredded cheese, mushroom, or any meat into it. After everything mix very well, put your macaroni into the frying pan and mix it again until perfectly combine together.

3rd step :

after complete d stir step, here come d bake step. put it into oven.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) and bake 25 to 30 minutes, or until cheese is brown and bubbly.

4th step :

do i need to teach this step? take out ur complete food from the oven and get ready urself to eat. XD

Round 2 : Chunky Apple Bake

This will be more ez to cook compare to Macaroni and Cheese. Here the ingredients we need.

X Green Apple (X - depend ur portion)
X spelt bread (X - depend ur portion)
Xg milk (X - depend ur portion)
Xg brown sugar (X - depend ur portion)
Xg shredded cottage cheese (X - depend ur portion)

1st Step :

This step will be as ez as studying ABCD. Cut/chop ur green apple & spelt bread into pieces. Then put everything into a pot that big enough. then put ur milk,brown sugar & shredded cottage cheese into the pot. Mix ur ingredient until all bread able to absord the milk.

2nd step :

After all thing mix well, bake it into pot! so fast huh? i m not lying anyway! hahaha..preheat oven to 220 degree celcius and bake it for 30 minute.

3rd step :

do i need to teach this step again? take out ur complete food from the oven and get ready urself to eat. XD

so here what we cook for today. sound cool huh? hahaha..our macaroni and cheese taste kinda weird..i guess v put too much milk...hahaha...our chunky apple bake not bad, but d bottom kinda soft. i guess v din bake enuf time..hahaha..anyway is a nice experience for me for "playing" masak-masak wif them..XD

we prepare birthday present for yvonne as well =)

finish cooking, i play monopoly wif both of them. i guess i reli lucky enuf to make both of them bankrupt at once...hahahaha..it was reli nightmare for them XD