Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mamamia, Happy Birthday

Today was my mum birthday! Happy birthday to you mum! I love you!

yesterday nite me & my sis already discuss what to get for mum. Finally v came out wif bracelet as present for her. So my sis went to Setiawangsa, Jaya Jusco to get d bracelet. This bracelet was shared among v 3 sibling.

What about my dad? he bought mum a ring, Red Ruby ring. So yesterday (or i should said this earrrrrly morning) when time strike 0000 hours, v give d present to mum to surprice her. she was very happy receiving present from both side.

* Present from daddy *

* Jeng jeng jeng...our present to mum *

* Here d bracelet *

This early morning my mum asked me wanna go shopping at TS onot. so without thinking twice, i agree. we went to get our lunch at kepong, a shop that sell alot prawn food..i forgot what d shop name but is soemthing to do wif Prawn Mee (Ha Mee).

after d lunch, v move to TS. that time already started rain heavily and traffic was jam like hell. anyway v safely reached time square. My sis was d 1 most excited because she wanted to buy a "punk" style pants. So she went to I-Sock shop to get d pants.

walao! I see all d pant in d shop so exp! All exceed RM100 and RM300+ also got..WTF pant man! I see got some nice shirt too but very very very damn expensive. I dun reli like this shop because it was more to punk,cosplay and so called lolita shop (i know i m old enough for this stuff XD) at last my sis bought a pant that cost RM139..sigh, RM139 i can buy alot nice shirt adi..haha

While my sis was choosing for her pant, i run to floor 5 to bought a pack of KR cards. I tried to bought d Smart Brain edition and it happen to be difference than Ranger Strike edition..sob

* 8 cards in 1 pack *

* I love this 1 d most. Kaixa & Faiz *

so after my sis bought her pant, dad told me "it is ur turn. go buy any shirt u wan"! actually i not in d mood shopping yet la..but juz went to look look..i know alot shirt tat i like was expensive, so at last i went back to my tradition place, ROMP for clothes. ROMP doesnt have much new product but i quite like some of d short design. so at last i pick 2 shirt (which happen no sleeve) that cost me RM79.80 total..hehehe...i guess i need buy few long sleeve t-shirt to match wif this shirt =P..i'll post d shirt pic next time

after tat v move to Sg Wang coz my sis wanna buy shoe. Wow Sg Wang was alot ppl today! all came here to see Y2J. Too bad when v reach tat time they already left. so i manage to watch KR Kabuto again! sis didn't manage to get d shoe she wan..too bad

so after shopping, all of us went back. During dinner, dad brought us to Wong Ming Restaurant (just opposite my house). SO we order quite alot dishes, most of them are mum favourite food.

After dinner, they went to bought a birthday cake for my mum. It was Ice Cream cake. so as usual and traditionally, v sang birthday song & wish mum.

* Big box? present? *

* Birthday cake for mum =) *

* My beloved mum *

I know the cake look very cheap and simple. Well for us, we dont need expensive cake from secret resipe or others branded shop. As long as family was there, d cake will have d best taste ever.

Happy Birthday to u again mum. I Love You.