Sunday, December 21, 2008

My new SE G900 Unboxing & Hands On!

As i said, i finally got my new HP, SE G900! I went to took my phone yesterday around 1700++. Hehe..i love my new phone so much. It have 5mp cam, touch screen function & most important is Wi-Fi! yay! i have been using nokia since i owned a phone and this is 1st time i actually owned a Sony Ericsson phone. So alot function was kinda hard to control hehe..

I bought for RM958(AP) plus additional 2GB M2 Memory (RM58). i din buy 4 GB coz i dun reli use tat much space..i think XD..lets review my new hp =)

Oh yea i took few pics wif my hp cam. Check it out. i din on d flash, so it seem kinda dark for d 1st pic of mine. d 2nd wan is wif flash, seem nice =)

seem cool? hehehe...between, i m lookign screen protector for my new baby! d current screen protector look retarded. so if any1 know where can get pls let me know =)