Monday, December 29, 2008

SKJAP years 2000 Reunion

Yay! Today is d day been waiting so long by everyone! We having primary 6 gathering at Bangsa Village, Macro Pizza. Quite number of ppl turn up the gathering ecspecially some friends who i nv see since primary 6, 8 years liao! quite happy see few of them =)..wai loon & ernest brought their gf come as well.

This morning danny came and fetch me around 1100 hours. then he went to picked up yvonne,peiying & suga. After tat we straight away went to Bangsar Village. It was my first time been, i rarely come bangsar area. Well, all of us crapping and playing games at there for almost 4 hours..hahahaha..oh well, lets pic speak. couldn't take much pics coz my battery run low..sigh

* Click the pic to enlarge it =) *

After that,v had our 2nd round at midvalley. at 1st v tod wanna play bowling, but full. so finally v change our plan go have a drinks at Delicious. urhm so exp man..1 Vanilla Shake Rm9.90 b4 taxes >,<....well,another hours passing by crapping & chatting in d shop. after tat danny fetch me,yvonne,peiying & simerdip back. tats how my class gathering over. Well it was quite fun meeting all of them. as usual, they all have their own path to go. some of them study at overseas as well, woop! so jealous..haha..anyway i hope we'll do this kind of gathering once in a blue moon..haha