Saturday, December 20, 2008

U6S2 2006/2007 Gathering


Yesterday i having gathering with my ex-classmate, U6S2. Our gathering has been placed at Cannes Tea House, 19th Dec & 1930 hours. I reach kinda early yesterday and i waited in my car 1st. Until d clock reach 1725 hours, i went up the shop wif tee and teoh. the 1st person we saw reach adi is jianying. after that it followed by Daniel, kavia, leeyee, paikxuan, siewyan, weiwen, banu and kodis. We ordered our food while waiting for the rest. Kavia went back home on 2000 hours.
* My dinner. Chicken Chop Rice *

well most of us guy was playing poker while girls all busy chatting and gossiping, haha..after finish our dinner, all of us join the chatroom & kepoh-ing. Around 2100 hours, Peigee finally reach. She ordered her dinner and eat at there. After that she went to fetch Nemala to here. Meanwhile, all of us still bz chatting and causes alot voice polution until the waiter also come n ask us slow down our voice. so paiseh! hahaha..

after peigee came back wif nemala, v shift to Steven Corner for yumcha, 2nd round. However jianying,banu & kodis were going back. So i wanted to drive my car to steven corner, but what make me feel scare are, those mamak stall put their chair and table behind my car. Then the owner of the stall car was blocking the road! at that moment i reli WTF! i dunno what to do and stand there like mad guy. keep looking around..haha.luckily the mamak stall owner willing to move away his car. During i reverse my car, i kinda scare i will hit so 3rd time driving solo but have to face this kind of tight situation. However i guess i reli got talent in driving XD..prove? i still alive and blogging now..hahaha

After that i drive Steven Corner and FYI, steven corner very hard to get parking ecspecially night. so i wondering there for few minutes and finally i found a parking. so v continue yum cha at there almost 0000 hours. we craps kinda alot..haha..reach back home i straight away sleep tired

all of them din change much. mayb i m d 1 who change d most..well, is good or bad thing, only myself know..hehe

anyway today is d days where i will get new hp! SE G900!! i'll post d pics to u guys soon! =)