Tuesday, December 30, 2008


today i made a very sudden decision! when my mum wanna bring my sis go to barber shop, i offer myself i wanna go too. i wanna cut my hair and dye it! yes dye! i dowan highlight it adi and i decided to make it whole head XD....

i have been thinking quite long inside d shop what color should i take. i dowan those like lala color..so finally i choose a color blonded..but then..i dunno y d outcome become brownish + redish! lol...get free red color inside d cream XD...

besides, tod today gonna play nite basketball wif wailoon,danny,peiying & authur. but juz right b4 i wanna go out, suddenly rain! sigh..reli potong steam la =(..so our game tonite cancel..so sad..promise myself gonna exercise adi next year!! ahhhh!!


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