Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unforgetable Moment

Yeterday is my official day 1 holidays! wow..i have plenty of invitation and plan for this whole week. I guess my schedule was kinda pack already,hahaa..anyway yesterday went to 2 places. I went out to Pavillion wif my dear then at nite itself i went to dinner wif my SHS-mate.

Round 1 : Movie

We promise each other to wait at Sg Wang main entrance at 1100. However i reached kinda early. Since i still have alot time, i went to Pavillion 1st to get movie tickets. well, i tried to get Twins Seat for Twilight and i never expect i get it! haha..well, this would b 1st experience for me.

* See d TWIN word? haha*

After that i have a walk around pavillion and i kinda like thier decoration for christmas.

* Decoration outside PV *

After that i walked back to Sg Wang and walk around there while waiting for my dear. Mostly i survey for phone in Sg Wang. I saw my baby G900 very costly, 1.5k! lol...besides that, i saw KR kabuto poster (if u guys recall d poster on my previous post) and they got sell KR merchanadise. But mostly is Kabuto and Hibiki toys. I saw Kabuto & Gatack belt! Kinda cool but very exp =(.

* Ignore d fatty. Main entrance decoration at Sg Wang *

* Interrior Decoration in Sg Wang *

* Kabuto Poster! *

Oh yeah, i walked inside VCD shop as well and guess what?? i saw unofficial Kamen Rider! lol...

* Sorry for d bad pic. I curi curi take 1..saw d "Masked Rider" word? lol *

Around 1110, my dear finally reach Sg Wang. Finally i met her in person! It have been 3 month or more since v meet. I miss her so much! At the moment i saw her i felt like wanna hug her adi XD..after that v have our walk around Sg Wang from top to bottom.

Around 1200, v shifted to Pavillion. We have our lunch at there,Carls Jr. Recommended by my frenz since last time and i read thier review at magazine which is pretty good, so i wanted to try it for so long ago XD. oh well, what to say, thier burger is kinda big..hahaha

* My Combo lunch *

After finish get our lunch, dear give a present for me (my birthday present). Owh! I never expect that..but then i reli appreciated it. After that v start camwhore around the restaurant,haha..

* Present from dear. Kissing keychain! lol *

* Guess who? my sweetie and me =) *

After getting out lunch, d time is almost 1400, so v kicked our butt out from d restaurant and have a walk around Pavillion while waiting movie start at 1430. We went to cinema when time almost 1430. Anyway, Twilight. For my opinion, this movie is not bad, but is not good also..XD..well, afterall romance movie doesnt suite me much..haha

After finish d movie, v went to bookshop inside PV and explored all d book there. When time is almost 1745, my dear said wanna go back adi coz later i got 2nd round, dinner wif my frenz. So we went back by monorail and bus.

Round 2 : Steamboat Buffet

I reach home almost 1845. So i quickly rush to bath and wait joe to come. Around 1920, joe reach my home. He park his car nearby and i fetch him to our destination, Neo Buffet Seafood, Desa. As soon as v reach there, v look for a parking kinda long and..after 15~20 min searching for parking, finally v found one. But kinda embarrassing coz..i tried a lot time then finally i manage to park nicely (i m bad in doing L/reverse parking..sigh).

After that v get down and saw tee,hwa lun and chun meng already there. We waited for Andrea and Teoh for a while but they still havent come, so v enter and eat 1st without waiting for them. After few minutes, finally d new couple came.

* V use 2 pot summor XD *

We grab kinda alot food XD..haha..all guy, so ganas. After 1 hours eating, Weiwen and hew reached as well (they are late bcoz went to Jaya Jusco -,-). After that, Daniel is d last 1

* the one who enjoy makan *

* The one who enjoy crapping *

Well what v did in d whole time was juz eat and craps around. V sat there until almost 2300. I though tee was driving to here since he shout and bising so much said he drive car from MMU to back here, i din expected to fetch him balik lo and i go tell my dear gimme 15 min more to call her back (from here back to my house juz take around 10 min driving).

* Us *

Then mana tau tee din drive -, i fetch him back and cause my dear have to wait my call for 30 min. Oh well, i never expect tee will scare my driving skill -,-..he said d way i drive very fierce..duh..i no comment ler, i tod i drive very safe adi XD..anyway after fetch him i back to my house and joe go take his car and back to his house.

Oh well, yesterday d whole day i was spending time at outside wif my dear and shs-mate, an unforgetable moment for me. Thank guys ecspecially my dear.

dear if u r reading my blog now, i wanna tell u. No matter how i change, my love to u will remind d same.I Love You So much!