Wednesday, December 03, 2008

YC (Yum Cha) Gang!

Yesterday night is d first time and officially i drive solo. Finally i can drive my baby myvi! sigh..!

Since sooyan & yvonne came back adi from aussie, all of us tod wanna have a small gathering. But then yvonne went to Bali adi wif her parent so left sooyan, the only main character. the YC gang for yesterday was me,joe,suetyee & sooyan. Suppose yong & peigee joining too, one expected they came at last they reli ffk..who care? haha..

so yesterday i was given a duty to fetch 2 princess to YC location. Oh well, i would said that i have natural talent XD..though so long nv drive adi, i still manage to drive well..well..hahaha...but some unexpected accident occurs when i on d way fetch suetyee. I accidently pass by her area and i was like "huh! omg pass by liao!" without noticing my car bang on d divider...T___T..i guess thats true that everyone first time sure got bang something on thier d result of d bang-ing, d front part of my car cacated adi..XD

So i fetch suetyee 1st and then i went to getch sooyan. After that all of us head to Sweet Delight where located at Platinum Walk, in others word, a new building that located near my house XD...joe reached there 15 min earlier than us and he was waiting for us.

After reach there, all of us start ordering for dinner. Oh well, d whole nite v chit chatting (mostly joe d 1 who did d talking & joke) and time flies so fast..haha..without noticing d time, v stay at d shop for almost 3 hours. So v paid our bill and move to mamak stall for YC. V continue our chit chatting at there until 2330! so late adi! hahaha..since d 2 princess waiting for driver to fetch them back, so v dismiss on 2335 and i fetch them back.

After i fetch sooyan back, suddenly rain so heavily! OMG! my 1st experienced drive under heavy rain! haha..oh well it wasnt bad i reach house around 0000 so late adi..anyway it was nice experience for me to be driver..hehe

by d way something which make me very pissed off happen today! i damn dulan wif my lecturer adi..grr...

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