Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Terror of Pn Chew House

* The day i as full time driver *

Today is d day where Pn Chew having her open house! She invite alot setapakian to join her house. Those batch can be catogorize to 4 batchs which are senior batch, my batch, junior batch and unknown batch (unknown junior actually..hahaha)..
* Dress code : BLUE *
* Pure *

so this early morning joe and tee went to my house. I drive them to yanling house and fetch her as well. at 1st v promise to wait yong at Mc D b4 jalan ampang there bcoz none of us know how to go Pn Chew. However, due to alwiz talking inside d car, v miss d Mc D and i drove until Tesco at to be honest, i dunno drive to cheras 1..thx to joe to insturct me all d way XD...and this is 1st time i officially drive in highway and i speed until 100km/ syiok d feeling of speeding.sorry if i frighten my passanger XD...

so joe instruct me until i drove till nearby taman connaught. from there yanling took over to instruct me to Taman Len Sen (Pn Chew house). Then thx to her, v round around housing area and lost..! hahaha..then joe call pn chew for help. Thanks to Pn Chew husband guidance, finally we make throught to her house sound and safe soon as we enter her house, senior batch and my batch already there. kinda shock to saw kwong fei, chee fei and chee boon there as well, haha..
* Steamboat in Pn Chew house *
* C the cute bear face fishball!? So cute! Make us feel sorry to eat them XD *
* Partial of human in Pn Chew house *

so today i have a very nice chat wif my senior since very long time din see them as well as my junior. Oh yea, v gamble in Pn Chew house as well. I manage to won abit from her house.
* Illegal Gambling!! HOHOHO! *
After that, Pn Chew offer to become banker. She have her own rules. Why? because she said economy crisis, tats why she had this kind of rules. What are her rules?

1) Min/Max bet is RM1
2) No double,triple etc..all flat rate, 1:1.

so every1 was happy wif her rate because on few round later Pn Chew manage to get blackjack! But only can earn RM1 from each person, hahahaa..anyway i had fun in Pn Chew house as well as gather wif my senior and junior. Quite surprice for some of them still recorgnize me =P..etc yi pei! hahaha...i couldn't recorgnize her at 1st glance actually coz she din wear paiseh.
* UCSI-an : From left - Joe, Me & Kwong Fei *
* Tham & Me *

well i guess my CNY journey end today! Tmrw gotta continue for "war"! I have to work hard for my studies!!
* Last pic before we went back *

* Final version, Candid! *

Friday, January 30, 2009

Brem Mall

Today is 5th day of CNY. Me and my parents went to Brem Mall for lunch and walk around there for the sake of "killing time" is the 3rd times i went this mall. it wasn't as populor as times square or pavillion, but it wasn't a bad mall. It features alot restaurant at lower ground and a digital mall on 3rd floor. Meanwhile, it provided bowling center known as Ibowl on 5th floor and a cinema on 6th floor.
* Decoration on main entrance *
* Inner decoration *
* Stage decoration...swt, so many ox around *
We get our lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng today. Included today, it was my 4th times to eat in this restaurant. Well, it reli never fail me =D.
* Horlick cost RM2.80 *
* HK Dry style hand made noodle with honey chicken cost RM9.30 *

Well, i am still on CNY hols. So boring! Nth to do in house and i am lz too to do my assign..sigh..tmrw i am going Pn Chew house. Hopefully i have a safe journey because i reli dunno how to drive to cheras area and Pn Chew house..hahahaha..hopefully tmrw got photo to update here =D

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 1 (Rider War)

yo everyone! Finally it release! KR Decade subbed!! I decided to put the video here and share wif all KR Fans around the world about the latest kamen rider series, Kamen Rider Decade. Rather than watching alone, y not all of us watch at here =P? enjoy the show =D

Kamen rider Decade Ep 1 1/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 1 2/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 1 3/3

My Comment : Oh well, this is d greatest rider series ever so far i seen. However it was still ep 1, i wun make much comment on it. Besides, Decade spend alot time in posing/inserting card to change his form. But hey! he look so cool! By d way i receive a new image of new rider in this series, KR Crisis who rumours he could use secondary rider power such as zeronos, IXA, knight, G3-X etc. Ok, i know ur first impression on his was Lego-Man! So do i..hahaha

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine (?) and 2nd Anniversary

For those who dunno, Valentine Day actually drop on every 14th feb. That date was exactly same date with my anniversary with my dear. Since she study at UTeM now, we unable to celebrate that beautiful event together this year. I bought few presents for her. Still remember the mysterious gift in my previous post? finally i going to reveal it on this post! =P

* Ta daaa! LA NUIT chocolate! *

this early morning we meet at Wangsa Maju LRT Station on 1030 hours. We went to KLCC by putra. Once we reach there, we went to TGV to bought movie tickets. At first i wanted to watch "The Wedding Game". but from review i read before this, this movie was so-so or mayb average at last we decided to watch "The Bride War" that just release on cinema exactly today (i guess XD).

We watched for 1130 hours movie. So that movie was abit romance and comedy. I never expect wedding could drive woman that crazy until fight each other..hahaha..i dun wish that happen on me in future anyway XD..overall, that movie was not bad. After the movie, we went to AvenueK looking for location for our lunch. After walk from head to tail, tail back to head, finally i suggested to eat Burger King. Why burger king? because not much we had our lunch, i pass d present to my dear. There are actually 2 types gift only but i wrap it seperately (or actually it came seperately..haha) and became 3 presents. I know it was nth special..i hope she love it.
* A love shape fold by myself. I know my handwriting sucks..and spelling mistake -,- *
* guess what is this? *
* show u closer view. Continue guess or scroll down for answer =P *
* This time what is this!? UFO? Wrong!! *
* Mirror? Ok u correct half..=P *
* This is d answer! Ta daaa! *
* I put both seperately *
* After wrap it *
* This giant turn *
* feel like eating d choclate? haha *
* d box base design *
* seriously, wrap this thing reli killing me XD *
* The ultimate Trio! *

Actually i guess this is d shortest journey we ever had for today. We just have our movie and lunch then went back adi. She is going back UTeM tomorrow...until end of this year, i wun able to see her face...sigh..i know alot ppl couldn't bare LDR (long distance relationship). so do i. But i'll make sure myself able to do it..well, love is a miracle feeling. no one can judge it was right or wrong action when it involve in love. I wish we have our future together.

p/s : dear if u r reading this, i would like to let u know that i love u so much. d quantity of my love toward to u never still same back to last times. Muackss!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY day 3!! AAA houses!

Totally no pics for today event,sigh..kinda sad to figure out my friends dun like take pic and they tod i felt myself look good/photoghenic tats y i love to take pics..sigh..
* Did i look photoghenic? lol *

anyway today was d day where me and my friends rumble around setapak area. this morning joe went my houe and i fetch him and ryan to tee house. When i reach, i saw teoh and andrea already reached followed by yvonne and sooyan and later yong and peigee. i gamble 2~3 round in his house then went down for lunch adi. later kavia reach tee house too and get his lunch as well. after that, danny came and fetch yvonne and sooyan to Peiying open, she din invite me..sad case..around 12pm+, we move to yong house. inside his house, we keep gambling none stop for almost 1 hours+.

after that we move to teoh house. when we just about to start next round on gambling, my dear called me from JPJ. so i went to JPJ to fetch her to teoh house. after gamble for almost another an hours in teoh house, my mum called me. so out next destination, my house! they all went to my house 1st while i went to fetch nikita to my house. oh well, once all reach my house, i know i'll become host. i lost around RM70+ todays in gambling...sigh, luck reli not aside me when i m in my own house..sad case

around 6pm+, we all decided to move to ryan house. before that, i fetched my dear back to her house while teoh fetch andrea (his gf) back too. after that i drove alone to ryan house. ryan house just renovated and it look super huge! and nice of coz! hahaha...we did not gamble in ryan house..juz sitting around and playing his PS2.

* Nikita challenging yong in Marvels VS Capcom 2 *

* Ryan doggie, Ruby (Pomerian breed) *

so thats all our "rampage" around setapak area. It have been almost a tradition to all of us since v did it every year CNY..hehe..wish next year CNY we could gather more ppl..tmrw if everything goes well, i am going out dating wif my dear. hope i could spend all quality moment wif her since she'll going back malacca on this fri..sigh..i reli do miss her so much

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home! I am Back!

hey peep! i am back from seremban! Muahahha! so how's everyone CNY? i hope nice..same goes to me..i never expect to hold poker for d whole 2 sis keep pulling me to play wif her..well din reli gamble..but still fun playing wif my cousin around. My cousin (jia long) going to marry this year, seen his gf for few times adi..n finally they getting marry, congratulation! haha..well, not reli in mood to here some short summary on my CNY celebration at Seremban.

Day 30 Night

Reach my granma house around afternoon. Went to get lunch at my granpa shop then started to play poker. At night itself, we walked at jaya jusco to have our dinner and shop a while..nth much interesting since alot shop din open. At the night itself, all of us keep playing Cho Di and black jack. Besides, it was my 1st time sleep in same room with my i sleep wif my family or alone in a room when v in granma house.

* Swing that i used to play last time =) *

* Me on the swing *

* Small kitty in my granpa shop *

Day 1

Well, basically every1 did d same thing. Went to wishes all my relative and granma, get ang pao. Dad brought us around Seremban as a tour. Went to Green Box as well in Jaya jusco but, d service totally sucks as, what am i expecting? lol
get our dinner at A&W. Seriously it was reli rare to c A&W in KL (except KLCC, i wonder is d shop still there?). All of us ate Double Fortune Burger coz from the illustrator, it look so damn thick and big! when when we bought..sigh, disappointed..after that we went to shopping again in Jaya Jusco. My mum bought a new cupboard for sis night itself, again we play card wif gambling again..bored

* Me on 1st day of CNY *

* Gambling! lol *

* Green Box *

* Seremban Jusco Decoration *

* Seremban Jusco Performances *

* Seremban Jusco Performances *

* opss! been caugth sleep in car. Without seat belt summor *

Day 2

nth much special. Busy packing and get redi back to KL. my both granma and granpa going to holidat at vietnam. All my cousin is getting ready to back to singapore as well. same to us who getting redi to back KL. so we have our lunch together and head back to granma house for continue packing. I reach back kl around 1430 hours..WEE! FInally! Home Sweet Home! I miss to on9 so much! Besides, manage to finished play 2 NDS game. Dino Tournoment Championship and Summon Night 2 : Twins Age! Muahaha

tomorrow i have few plans wif my freind. hopefully every plan goes well! =)