Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 Jade Solid Gold Award Ceremony Full Results

hey i decided to post d result since i watched the full show yesterday night from here come d result!

Translated by: themissingpiece @

The third of Hong Kong's four main music awards ceremony was held on January 3rd, TVB's Jade Solid Gold (JSG) Award Ceremony.

Top 10 Gold Songs

Joey Yung - 跑步機上
Kay Tse - 囍帖街
Miriam Yeung - 撈月亮的人
Jade Kwan - 龐貝21世紀
Eason Chan - 歌. 頌
Raymond Lam - 愛不疚
Denise Ho - 韻律泳
Hins Cheung - 他的故事
Leo Ku - 眼睛不能沒眼淚
Hacken Lee - 他慈我悲

Gold Song Gold
Kay Tse - 囍帖街

Most Popular Male Newcomer
Gold: William Chan
Silver: Bosco Wong
Bronze: Det Di

Most Popular Female Newcomer:
Gold: G.E.M Tang
Silver: Linda Chung
Bronze: Fiona Fung

Recommended Newcomer:
Myolie Wu

2008 Outstanding Performance:
Gold: Susanna Kwan
Silver: Juno Mak
Bronze: Jason Chan

Most Popular Group:
Gold: Fama
Silver: Hotcha
Bronze: Mr.

Most Popular Duet:
Gold: Pakho Chau & Stephanie Cheng - 一事無成
Silver: Kary Ng & Terrence Siu Fey - 逼得寵物太緊
Bronze: Myolie Wu & Vincent Wong - 最難過今天

Most Popular Remake Song:
Gold: Emme Wong - 渴求
Silver: Eric Suen - 只要和你在一起
Bronze: Colleen Lau - 千嬌百媚

Most Popular Singer-Songwriter:
Gold: Ivana Wong
Silver: Justin Lo
Bronze: Patrick Tang

Most Popular Mandarin Song:
Gold: Suen Nan - 心裏話
Silver: Charlene Choi & JJ Lin - 小酒窩
Bronze: Khalil Fong - Love Song

Most Popular Commercial Song:
Gold: Joey Yung - Lucky Star
Silver: Jason Chan - I Miss You
Bronze: Hotcha - You are my best friend

Best Composition:
Eric Kwok - 囍帖街

Best Lyrics:
Wyman Wong - 囍帖街

Best Arrangement:
Carl Wong - 跑步機上

Best Song Producer:
Peter Kam - 寫得太多

Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer:
Eason Chan

Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Female Singer:
Joey Yung

Most Popular Male Singer:
Leo Ku

Most Popular Female Singer:
Miriam Yeung

4 Stations Album Award:
Kay Tse

JSG's Outstanding Performance Award is different from the 4 Stations one, JSG deems singers who haven't received a Gold Song award at their year round ceremony but have received awards at their seasonal selections are eligible. On the other hand, the 4 Stations has a requirement on the number of years in the industry (this is why Susanna Kwan is eligible for JSG's)

This is Leo Ku's first time winning Most Popular Male, Miriam's second time winning Most Popular Female (her last was 7 years ago)

Miriam breaks Joey's string of 5 straight wins at Most Popular Female Singer. This leaves Anita Mui's record intact.

i know alot ppl wun disagree for Miriam won HK Most popular female. i disagree too because she wasn't achieve much last year and her popularity wasn't as high as Joey & Kay..but oh well...what happen is already happen =)

besides, i found a clip that very funny moment where when Susanna Kwan won most outstanding award, Jade kwan thought she won when Eric Tsang announced "Kwan...". so funny! hahaha