Friday, January 02, 2009

Bad customer service at LRT Putra

Today i dun have class but i have to go uni also to settle some stuff. what to settle? my degree course enrollment, my result and schedule for this sem. all was totally mess and i haven enroll yet for this sem! Sad! ahhh!!!

so this morning i woke up on 0700, get ready myself, manage to take a pic of my new hair after i style it,finally can show to u guys! haha..

i reach wangsa maju lrt at 0815, went to reload my Touch N' Go card. but get irritated by the counter lady. i gave her my card and ask her reload 10 bucks. then i was searching money in my wallet and she keep looking at me. Before i took out my money, i look at her because i was wondering what she looking at. then she said "Bak 10 ringgit-lah! (Gimme RM10-lah!)"! is tat customer service attitude? cant u go reload 1st then only i pay? as if i will run away and wun pay..shit! my mood totally down bcoz of this idiot!

i reach UCSIU at 0930. went to creative art department but mr teh not there yet. so being no choice i went to get breakfast at block A canteen 1st. after tat wait for suli. i kinda hate her this attitude, alwiz came late. not for d 1st time..tats y i nv trust her punctuality! lol..

Mr Teh finally appear at 1100, at d instant he came, i straight away question him all d thing and he just answer me "ok i'll settle for u.come back next mon"..aik, another felor who i cant trust his word for 100%...anyway i hope he did what he promise or else i kinda piss off.

besides, i get all my result for last sem. Cant complain much getting such result, but i reli not satisfy my drawing result.

Coloring 80% A
Painting 70% B
Drawing 68% B
Moral Studies 61% C+

lol moral studies sad -,-..tats mean my final exam just score 20+ out of 40..sigh..nvm as long as pass! This LAN sub reli irritating! lol..i went admin there and check as well. they paste a notice and said enrollment for degree will only start from 7th jan ~ 14th jan. so is tat mean i can skip class next week? hahaha..lets hope so. i hope everything goes well. lets wish so =)

another bad thing happen was when i went back, LRT Putra out of order. stop at each station for almost terrible


Anonymous said...

Another example of possibly-related to racism issue. Typical Malaysian

Das Connection

Jackie Loi said...

yea...tat was on my mind too..sigh